*Warning: This article contains spoilers.*

Rating: 5/5

2020 was a rough year, but Pixar gifted fans “Soul”, which is a film to forever be remembered. Before I watched this film, I was amazed at how visually stunning this movie appeared in the trailer. My hat is off to all of the hardworking animators, writers, and producers of this film. I was very impressed by the appearance of afro features. In other movies and cartoons, African American features are often misinterpreted. In this film, characters of color have defined African American features such as skin color and textured hair. It might seem small, but it means a lot to a community that isn’t represented correctly. From Joes’ natural hair cut to Dorthea’s thick and kinky hair. This shows that these features can be visually admirable in animation.

This film was enjoyable from the beginning to the end because of the adventure of Joe (Jamie Foxx) and an incomplete soul name 22 (Tina Fey). Joe’s love for Jazz music has driven him to the end of his life, but he was determined to live his life doing the one thing that he loved, or so he thought. 22 is a soul who has endlessly tried to find her spark. With the help of Joe, she discovered that life is worth living after all. I loved that this film keyed in on the reality of living life with passion and purpose, but also remembering to appreciate the small things like the smell of coffee, the feeling of leaves beneath your feet, and using your gifts to help others find their passion. Soul also showed how far kindness can go. When Joe put his own selfishness aside to give 22 a chance at life, he discovered what it meant to have a soul. It was more than the love of Jazz music, it was acknowledging that life is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted.


Here is a list of the cast, crew, and animators behind this film.