Photo courtesy of the BBC.

The fourth series of Peaky Blinders ends with a dramatic episode that sees the Shelbys settle their feud with the Changrettas, along with a few others.

It’s the night of the big boxing match, and Arthur becomes suspicious of the opposition’s men, as they leave during the fight. He goes to find them, only to be attacked by one. Tommy shoots Arthur’s attacker, then returns to the boxing ring to announce that Arthur has been killed.


Arthur’s funeral. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

The family hold Arthur’s funeral, and during the service, the Changrettas send the mother of the man Arthur killed to make a deal with Tommy. The deal is that the Changrettas take over all the Shelby businesses, and they will spare what remains of the Shelby family.

The Shelbys meet because Tommy has a plan, which involves sending Michael to New York. Tommy is still angry that Michael knew about Polly’s fake agreement with Changretta to hand Tommy over, and he decided not to tell Tommy about it. Going to New York to further Tommy’s plan is his punishment.

Just as Tommy is about to sign the deal to hand all his businesses over to Luca, Arthur shows up – he isn’t dead after all. He was just wounded in the attack, but the Shelbys wanted everyone to believe he was dead. Tommy informs Changretta that they have turned all the families in New York and Chicago against the Changrettas, and his paid men are no longer loyal to him. Arthur finally kills Luca Changretta.

This should be a cause for celebration, but Tommy is not really in the mood for parties. He takes some time off from the business, but finds golf and fishing are not to his liking, so he drinks himself into a stupor instead. Eventually he decides rest is not for him, and he returns to work to tie up some loose ends.


Tom Hardy as Alfie Solomons. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

First, he meets up with Alfie Solomons, and the pair have a shoot-out on the beach. Tommy always vowed that one day he would kill Alfie because of bad blood or business, and he is true to his word. He kills Alfie because of the deal Alfie made with the Changrettas. I’m sorry to see Tom Hardy depart, he’s been hugely enjoyable, right up to his final scene.

To set up the next series, Tommy returns to the business of the Communist Party in Birmingham, offering up information to the government in return for another favour. This time he has his sights set on politics, and he is elected as a Member of Parliament in a landslide victory, as Lizzie looks on with their baby daughter. Jessie Eden realises she has been played for a fool – there are going to be sparks between her and Tommy in the next series.

Most importantly of all, Tommy’s adorable trusted friend Curly makes it through yet another series unscathed. I’m going to be furious if the writers ever do anything to hurt Curly!