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5 Star Trek Gift Ideas For The Trekkie You Love

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Which Star Trek is your favorite? My favorite edition is Voyager. My husband prefers Next Generation, whereas my dad is partial to the original. So far, to my great dismay, my children haven’t taken to Star Trek. I believe one of my daughters is a traitor and prefers Star Wars. Do you have a Trekkie in your life? I have some gift ideas, complete with links, for you. So let’s get into it.

A Next-Generation Star Fleet Command Robe, I would be ecstatic to be gifted this. It looks so lush and comfy.

Source Amazon

I found communicator badges! They make the chirping sound and have a speaker and microphone! This is even better than the robe. Oooo! Of course, having both would be the ultimate with a matching set for my husband.

Source Amazon

Here’s a Funko Pop Captain Kirk I found. I think it is a great one, and they also have a set of six Funko Pops of the crew available.

Source Amazon

They have Next Generation PJs! But, you know, Next Generation and Voyager wear the same stuff, so this can be Voyager instead.

Source Amazon

This last one is probably my favorite. A tee-shirt that says “Starfleet Academy Alumni.” It looks kind of like a gym class shirt. It would be easy any day wear.

I had to stop at five. Otherwise, I would have added everything. There are so many things to choose from. So, do you love Star Trek? Which one and why? Or are you more the movies type person? Let me know in the comments below? Until next time…

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