Image Source: Marvel Comics

In Lunatic Café Anita is engaged to werewolf, Richard Zeeman, first in line as clan leader of Thronos Rokke. Jean-Claude is really pissed off about this as he is in love with her too. They must find a way work together however as they are a triumvirate, a powerful triangle. They are still finding out just how much power is within their grasp. They come to the agreement of that Anita would date both men before truly choosing to marry Richard.

George Smitz comes to Anita about his missing wife. Unfortunately, Anita is not a trained investigator so she passed him off to her best friend Ronnie Simms. At this time she didn’t think much of it. This would soon change. Turns out several lycanthropes in St. Louis have gone missing. This is not an easy feat.

Anita must work quickly to find the missing lycans. Marcus, pack leader of the Thronos Rokke Clan, and his lupa Raina apply pressure in a way she cannot refuse. Werewolves, werehyenas and wererats are all missing. Now they are after Anita. Will she survive? Tell me what you think below.