Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland and Joe are tired of forgetting their great ideas when drinking. No one writes them down or anything. To solve this problem they decide to wear body cams. The footage that they capture is definitely not very interesting. Though they did make it to Shark Tank and Quagmire got lucky.

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Brian and Ida, Quagmire’s dad, hook up at a bar. He then asks her out then freaks out. They go on a few dates which Ida has a complex about because Brian seems to be prone to hiding her. Oh this is gonna be funny when Quagmire finds out.

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Brian makes a renewed effort to be a good boyfriend. So far, so good. Lois, Meg, Peter, Stewie and Chris approve of it so far. Lois invites Quagmire and Ida to dinner. They leave Joe and Cleveland out. Those guys are so dumb.


Quagmire and Brian spend the day together. It doesn’t so well. Then there is the BBQ. That didn’t go so well either. Quagmire makes his Mom/Dad person choose between him and Brian. Thankfully Ida chooses Quagmire.

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