The journey back through Man in the Mirror and Purple Haze was a trip to be sure. It started out strong, making me wonder why I ever had such negative feelings for it in the first place before it once again confirmed my sentiments.


Image via Crunchyroll

The majority of the episode is quite enjoyable. The classic JoJo back and forth plays out incredibly well between Abbacchio and Illuso. First Illuso thinking he has trapped Abbacchio before Abbacchio reveals it was just his stand and almost defeats Illuso there. That is before Illuso manages to turn the table on Abbacchio once again, putting him in a helpless position. This allows Illuso to move on to finally deal with Giorno.

Giorno though brings in the virus from Purple Haze to Illuso’s mirror dimension. Even as Illuso leaves the mirror world Giorno still has Illuso cornered as Purple Haze is then able to further infect and pummel Illuso into a soup.


Image via Crunchroll

The snake trick with the brick seemed a little out there, even for JoJo, but the cure the Giorno manages to pull off to rid himself of Purple Haze’s virus is beyond even JoJo levels of suspension of disbelief. It is also irksome that Giorno is really the one to defeat Illuso in Fugo’s introductory episode while Mista and Narancia each got to be the ones to defeat their villain of the week and Abbacchio at least participated in his much more actively and with the help of Bruno instead of Giorno.