THE TIME HAS FINALLY COME EVERYONE. After several long months without it, My Hero Academia will be blessing us again with its anime presence April 7th. With the air date being just right around the corner, I wanted to touch on all the promotional sneak peaks we’ve gotten from Funimation. Also, we’ll go over what we know so far in the anime and what might be to come. Let us get started!

Below is the dubbed trailer for season 3 from Funimation. Also announcing that the series will be coming back with Simuldub so the dubbed and subbed versions of My Hero will be released simultaneously.

And below this is the unedited Japanese version of the Season 3 trailer from TOHO Animation.

Now we left season 2 with class 1-A finishing their practical exams, battling against their teachers. Season 3 should start right where we left off with everyone going into Summer break and all going to the mentioned Summer Camp that they’ve been excited for. But there seems to be a lot more happening at this camp than what we’ve been told. The looming evil of The League of Villains is approaching, and they seem to have grown in sheer strength since they lasted faced off with the heroes at the USJ in season 1.

But they are not the only ones who have gained strength; not by a long shot. Midoriya has gotten more control of One for All. It is now flowing through his entire body instead of being focussed into certain areas, it is dubbed “Full Cowling”. Todoroki has allowed himself to use his fire quirk, making him an absolutely malicious dual threat. And even Iida has introduced his Recipro Burst and Recipro Extend ability and added that to his arsenal. So our heroes will not be pushovers.

This season is also reported to be the same amount of episodes as the second season, so a lot can happen within this time! You can assure some of our questions will be answered. I’m super excited to have some My Hero back in my life, be able to review some episodes for you guys, and to hear that new theme song!

Stay tuned to The Game of Nerds for all the episode reviews for My Hero Academia! Until then everybody!