This week we look at a theme that I thought would come up more frequently than it has, or at least came sooner than it did A show about a ridiculously smart, young boy who attends high school? What else would you expect other than those high school kids wanting to bully and make fun of the young boy? In this weeks episode that surrounds bullying though…that’s not exactly what happens.

The Hunted

This episode opens up with Sheldon the narrator describing the different species that roam the planet. There are predators but more akin to Sheldon himself, there are prey. Adorable things really, but the human predators (bullies in this case) are not so adorable. Sheldon has less than 100 meters to get from the bus stop to his house, but this is not an easy task for him. Every step is a dangerous one because he needs to stay hidden from the bully that has been ‘slapping him around lately’ (Georgie Cooper’s words, not mine).

The next morning, Sheldon takes the necessary precaution of wrapping himself in bubble wrap. As he sits down, that wonderful popping noise does not go unnoticed by his parents who then confront him.  He confesses to being bullied but doesn’t tell them who has been picking on him. This causes a rift between Mary and George. Mary insists she needs to know to protect her little boy but George knows that tattletaling can only make things worse. So Mary goes to Georgie and insists he protect his brother.

The Mysterious Predator is Revealed

On their way to school, Georgie and Sheldon are having a nice conversation before Sheldon mysteriously disappears. He had ducked behind some garbage cans because he spotted the predator. Georgie only sees quirky neighbor Billy Sparks, his father, Herschel, and little sister, Bobbi, climbing into their car. Sheldon remains fearful though and Georgie quickly realizes that it’s the little six-year-old girl who has been bullying Sheldon.

That night Georgie admits to his parents that it’s little Bobbi who is the mysterious bully. Mary is disbelieving at first, as the little 6-year-old seems so sweet and innocent, but tells George he needs to handle this by going to their house and talking to Herschel. With a roll of his eyes, George goes next door and confront Herschel. He’s a big guy as well (it’s kind of like looking in the mirror) who is also flabbergasted at the idea that his little girl is bullying Sheldon. Herschel laughs when he asks Geroge if it was Mary that made him have this conversation and George grumbles a confession. Bobbi says she’s not picking on Sheldon so George goes home and tells Mary he handled it.

Next, we see Sheldon cornered in his little workshop by the terrorizing Bobbi. She is not happy that he told on her and exacts her revenge…which doesn’t work out as planned. Sheldon trips and skins his knees before escaping. Mary is furious that Bobbi’s parents are still letting this happen, so she takes matters into her own hands.

A Beer and a Chicken Coop Leads to a (sort of) Cease Fire

Mary goes to the bowling alley where Brenda Sparks works and tries to have a civil conversation. This doesn’t really work out though, as Brenda thinks that Sheldon needs to grow a pair and stop being such a big baby. Mary is insulted and after getting sprayed in the face with bowling-shoe-cleaner, storms off.

Back at home, there’s a knock on the door and it’s Herschel this time, coming to confront George. Brenda wanted her husband to talk to George about Mary harassing her at work. With hushed tones, the men decide to take this conversation elsewhere. They end up at Herschel man cave, his chicken coop that Brenda wont go near, decorated with a radio for the game and a hidden cooler loaded with beer.

They end up having a great conversation and both apologize. George is going to make sure Mary stops going to Brenda’s work and Herschel is going to have a real talk with Bobbi. (I’m not too sure if it works though, as the last scene is Sheldon running and screaming from the little devil).

It can be hard to make something as sad as bullying light and funny without it being tasteless but I think Young Sheldon did pulled it off really well.  This episode actually had me laughing out loud a bunch of times!