With such a cliffhanger as our last episode, this episode starts with the cliffhangers left off. We enter with a black screen; just the audio of Will’s ride to the Hawkins Lab, and the agonized screaming of the boy and his mothers’ fright. After all, Will is connected deeply to the Upside Down and now more than ever. Hopper has also been extracted, and is being given a strict quarantine scrub.

Meanwhile, Steve and Dustin return to Dustin’s house in the hopes of finding Dart and dispatching him, though Steve hopes it’s only a lizard. They certainly don’t find what they’re looking for, and instead find a terrible surprise- Dart has grown again and broken out of containment.

Hawkins lab tries to figure out what’s wrong with Will, though they only seem to find more things to be concerned about. They take pictures of the map Will has made of the tunnels, and leave- leaving something behind of their presence, which feels terribly sloppy for such a detailed show.

We return to Nancy, Jonathan and Murray who have a limited if not important part in this episode. The trio are mailing out proof of Hawkins’ Lab’s crimes to every news station they can find. Murray sees the truth about Nancy and Jonathan’s relationship, in so far as to not understand why they aren’t together, though they fix that pretty quickly!

Lucas finds his radio off thanks to Erica, his sister. Upon finding out that Dustin knows Dart’s location, and that Dustin is with Steve, Lucas makes the brash decision to get Max and rendezvous at the junkyard with her in toe, though it nearly costs them both when Billy becomes suspicious. Max escapes via her bedroom window; though what consequences will there be?

We return to Will and company, though Will is having some memory issue. He seems different; and tells Owens the burning “upset” the Shadow Monster.  To test if the burning will hurt Will, Owens brings in a piece of vine and begins to burn it, much to Will’s reaction. Will has less and less memory about his friends and family. Hopper is shown the scope of the tunnels by the Hawkins Lab staff.

Steve and Dustin are walking the railroad track and laying a trap for Dart. They bond over girl problems and how to deal with them, with Steve being the one to venture some vulnerability with admitting his “perfect hair” comes from Farrah Fawcett products.

Hopper has a heart to heart with his radio, trying to communicate via Morse code then through talking to his radio. He apologizes for not being there, and for the fight. Explains he isn’t mad; though he has no idea that Eleven is gone and he is talking to no one.

We see Owens and his fellow scientists in study, discussing Will’s brain changes and that they need to start the burning. Owens doesn’t want to yet; but there is so little they can do. They tell Owens that at this rate Will will be lost by the end of day. Mike interrupts Will’s now-memories and Will tells him that he has an idea on how to stop the Shadow Monster, indicating a point on the map and that it is where the Shadow Monster doesn’t want them to see.

Back at the junkyard, Max and Lucas show up to Steve and Dustin’s plan, where they are fortifying a bus. Lucas and Dustin smooth out their friendship and Steve interrupts them to help fortify the bus.

Nancy and Jonathan return to the Byers place, only to find the house empty save for the incredible root system Will had drawn, and a Polaroid cartridge. They are suspect that  Hawkins Lab may have taken Jonathan’s family. The Polaroid cartridge is a nice segway into our next scene.

We cut to Will who is staring at the Polaroids taken from his house. He indicates a spot, saying that the Shadow Monster doesn’t want him to see what’s here. The admission starts a chain reaction, sending soldiers in hazmat suits down into the tunnel system. They head for the spot, while Dustin and company are still preparing for battle.

Safe inside the bus, the kids wait for Dart to fall into their trap. Dustin’s anxiety is taken out on Max, who is in turn driven to get closer to Lucas. A vulnerable, bonding conversation takes place and we finally get to hear about Max’s family situation! Of course, the conversation is predictably cut off by the sound of an approaching Demogorgon.

Dart has appeared; but doesn’t seem to want beef so Steve leaves the bus to go and entice him. Lucas realizes too late that there isn’t just one Demogorgon. Steve makes a mad dash to the bus, and all seems lost when the kids are trapped inside. Max gets a face to face encounter with the proof she asked for, before the pack of Demogorgons stop, and retreat, heading towards a new destination.

We cut back to the soldiers who have made their way to the graveyard Hopper had been at. There is confusion as to why they’re here. We cut back to Will to find his worst fears about the Shadow Monster using him to spy are confirmed, and we witness the gruesome result of the ambush that Will set for the soldiers.

We end the episode on a cliff hanger as the demogorgons reach Hawkins lab, and Will tells Joyce she should leave.

Will Nancy and Jonathan figure out what’s happened?

Are Lucas and Max a couple now?

Will the demogorgons over run the lab?

How did the lab techs leave something behind?

Is Will still himself, or the Shadow Monster?


We hope to find some answers in Episode Seven, Lost Sister.