We open to Peter and the family watching TV in a hotel room. It is CBS the loudest network on TV. They get news of the hurricane that is brewing off the coast and it is apparently called Michael Caine which is more impressive than the Dean Caine on. They left Brian to drown because Peter tied him to a post in the back yard. With the power going out in the hotel they are looking for stuff to do and found a Bible.

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For entertainment, Peter is reading the Bible to his captive audience, his family. Of course he is playing Adam and Lois is Eve and Quagmire is the snake who tempts Eve. Before taking off for the weekend to his girlfriend’s Art show (An art show? God has only created two people. Who is his girlfriend and who entered the art show as well as who is judging it?) he gave Adam and Eve two rules: don’t put your penis in gopher holes and don’t eat apples. When Chris asks about sex and Adam and Eve, Meg was disgusted. I was impressed that the word incest was avoided.

Next in the Holy Bibble, the story of animals that went on a cruise. He does keep the story somewhat close to the Bible but thankfully with a lot of jokes. Meg gets carried away by a giant vulture. Next is the Last Supper. Peter is Jesus and Lois is Mary Magdalene. Brian is Judas and sells Jesus out and Stewie wants a Judas Kiss and there is a chicken fight of epic proportions.

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How many stories will they get through before the end of the show? I found this episode to be absolutely hysterical. I loved it. Did they get a story close to your feels(a.k.a. heart)? Did they miss it? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…