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We all have our favorite games nestled in a familiar corner of our iOS or Android devices but how many times have you thought that these games would be pretty cool to play on your browser or any number of platforms? Well, wonder no more because an American technology company named BlueStacks has solved your first-world problem.

That’s right, cloud technology, and in this case, BlueStacks X, has come to save the day and although they are not the only game in town, they are the latest to come to the table with several innovative solutions to getting your mobile games working on any device and operating system. There are no hardware restrictions and this technology works seamlessly on Mac, iOS, Windows, smart TVs, or even Linux platforms. 

And get this, there is no waiting because there is no downloading. Everything is cloud-based and all the titles are constantly being updated so there are no patches to worry about, no waiting around, and no concerns about storage space because it is all on the cloud. Oh, and you can synchronize your gameplay across all your devices so that you can pick up right where you left off, no matter what device you feel like using. It is all saved on your Google account and it simply syncs with the BSX network and away you go! 

And we should point out that it is not just games, per se, how about seeing your android sports betting app show up on your PC desktop so you can bet your favorite games while doing a little office work? As of this writing, there are roughly 200 games on the BSX platform in its beta version but that number will grow exponentially as developers begin signing up with BlueStacks X. 

“BlueStacks App Player recently crossed 1 Billion lifetime downloads. X is a natural next step for us. Hybrid cloud is a big technological breakthrough which makes it economically viable to launch the service,” said Rosen Sharma, CEO, BlueStacks Inc. “We are a trusted partner to top mobile game developers. There is a lot of excitement among them about X and some of the other innovations we have like deep Discord integration.”

Source: Support.BlueStacks.Com

Where Do I Find BlueStacks X?

If you want to try this new technology out for a test drive then it’s easy to do. Just follow these steps and you will be playing any number of their games on whatever device you use in addition to your mobile platform. Once you do that, you will be in the game in no time.

1. Open the browser on your PC and go to the BlueStacks X website.

2. Click on any of the number of games on their menu that you want to play.

3. Once you have decided it is time to log in with either your Google, Facebook, or Discord account.

4. One-click instant play and you will be in action immediately.

Minimum Requirements

Processor: AMD or Intel

OS: Windows 7 and above

Hard Disk Drive: 5GB of free disk space.

Ram: 2GB

Updated graphics drivers.

Recommended Requirements

Processor: AMD or Intel multi-core processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS and Single Thread PassMark score higher than 1000

OS: Windows 10

Ram: 8GB or higher

Hard Disk Drive: SSD or Hybrid drives

Updated graphics drivers

Graphics: Nvidia/Intel/ATI, onboard controller with PassMark score of 750 or higher

Is BlueStacks X Safe?

There is a lot to love and virtually nothing to dislike about BlueStacks X as its transferability across devices and platforms will make it a home run among its users. Imagine seeing your “phone game” on the big screen? Pretty cool, right? It’s convenient, takes up no space, and there is no waiting to play. What is there not to love? 

Well, if you do your research you will find there are some users whose antivirus and malware detection programs reported BlueStacks as a potential threat. And because BlueStacks is free to download there are many wondering, what’s the catch? After all, safety and security override anything we do online and nothing is worth getting your information compromised. 

However, BlueStacks is a reputable company working with a plethora of developers across all platforms and has been in business for well over a decade. There are no shenanigans afoot unless you decide to download BlueStacks from websites that are not affiliated with the company. Then you are on your own, so, if you want to be safe and not sorry, make sure to download BlueStacks from the official website and steer well clear of third-party sites or imitators. 

It will be interesting to see what will follow the beta version. But right now BSX is allowing users to finally play their favorite mobile games on the bigger screens which is something we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time!