The epic conclusion to last week’s Lucifer is finally here and it’s the mid-season finale. Spoilers of course.

“The Sin Bin” opens up with a woman running down the street calling 911, screaming bloody murder.

It quickly cuts to Lucy at Lux celebrating the capture of The Sinnerman. Maze  doesn’t think he should be celebrating, he hasn’t stopped him yet.

At station Pierce has got it on lock down with the Sinnerman there. Pierce and Decker are prepping for questioning, Lucifer wants in but Pierce is going to be the only one to question him. While those two are getting ready to pull out a ruler, Decker sneaks in to question him.

He opens with a Silence of the Lambs quote. The Sinnerman ain’t giving her anything even his name. Ella interprets with the Sinnerman’s ringing phone. He warns that they should answer it. It’s the women from the beginning she’s tied up in a reservoir that’s about to fill up and when it does she’ll drown. He threatens that the only way she’ll survive is if he takes them to her.

They have the woman’s 911 call, her name is Maggie and they know for a fact the Sinnerman was in custody when she was abducted. He has an accomplice and they need to find him or her. Lucy wants to use the Sinnerman to find Maggie, Pierce is very much against it.

Looks like today is bring your daughter to work day cause Trixie is there with Dan.

Ella found a lead, a roller derby rink. Lucy and Decker are on it.

Photo Source: Lucifer Wiki

Maggie skipped practice the day before and had a fight with another member of her derby team. The other team member doesn’t want to talk, a roller skates chase ensues. Lucy catches her with a beer.

This woman is definitely not the accomplice. She doesn’t like Maggie but she didn’t do it.

More Trixie and Dan. Detective Douche is looking for a babysitter and Charlotte Richards may be able to help. Trixie has taken a liking to Charlotte.

Lucy and Decker are on the hunt for Maggie’s car. The opposing team member told them where to find it. It was pink and rigged to blow. The dynamic duo avoided the blast.

After that booby trap, Decker finally sees eye to eye with Lucifer. They need the Sinnerman. Decker’s got a plan, they need the keys to lock up from Pierce’s office. Ella is tricked into being the distraction. Dan and others are also tricked into it. An elaborate montage of the plan ensues. The bomb squad is involved. Some how it all works and Pierce catches them but he joins the team.

Charlotte and Trixe hang out. Trixie roasts Charlotte but also helps her with her kids.

The Sinnerman led team are on a hike searching for Maggie.


Pierce and Decker get to her just in the nick of time. In all the excitement Lucifer and the Sinnerman disappeared.

Decker tries to call Lucifer but he isn’t answering. Pierce is blaming himself for the Sinnerman getting away. Maggie is in on it! When they question her she mentions something about a grenade but they never said anything about the grenade. Busted. Maggie abducted herself, she went to the Sinnerman about a favor regarding roller derby. The abduction was her repayment.


Lucifer kidnapped the Sinnerman not the other way around.

The Sinnerman wakes up in Lucifer’s very own “sin bin” tied up. Lucy wants answers, it’s time to tell the devil. The Sinnerman continues to troll Lucifer. Maze has been recruited to get some answers.

Maze’s work didn’t get any answers but the Sinnerman is very much human. Lucy wants to kill him but angels aren’t allowed to kill humans.

Back at the police station the hunt for Lucifer begins. Dan may be the key to finding him. His Lucifer file has a list of all of Lucifer’s property and Decker knows where to start.

Lucifer thinks killing the Sinnerman will be the answer to all his problems. Killing him will make him lose his wings permanently and hopefully give him his devil face back. Maze is reluctant at first but Lucifer sways her.

Decker knows where they are or at least she thinks she does. Hint she’s right.

Lucifer tries to kill the Sinnerman but he seems to be having performance issues. Lucy decides to give him a last meal. The Sinnerman accuses him of stalling because he doesn’t have what it takes to kill a man.

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Decker and Pierce are on the scene. Lucy is about to be caught in an incriminating situation. The Sinnerman continues to goad him. Lucifer finally agrees that he can’t kill him. The Sinnerman protests, he needs Lucifer to kill him. Lucy is putting the pieces together. He begins to ask why the Sinnerman needs Lucifer to kill him. Pierce rushes in and shoots him dead. Lucifer is not happy.

The case is closed?

Decker and Lucifer argue, Decker is not happy about Lucifer going behind her back. Pierce covered for Lucifer saying he was kidnapped.

Charlotte and Trixie ended up having a good time. Trixie even gets Dan a date. Charlotte’s even trying to see her kids.

At the station Lucifer is still scrambling for answers. Ella fan girls over Pierce and he screams at her. Lucy finds an interesting picture of the Sinnerman as a child.

Pierce meets Lucifer at Lux. The accomplice talk comes back. The Sinnerman is with an older boy with a birthmark similar to Pierce’s tattoo in the photo. Obviously it can’t be Pierce, he’s too young unless he’s immortal.

Lucifer grabs a knife and stabs Pierce in the chest.

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Pierce lays on the ground for a bit. He then comes back to live and pulls the knife out of his chest. Lucifer has figured it out he is Cain, the world’s first killer. The birthmark is the mark of Cain. Cain sits down to have a drink with him.

My thoughts:

  • Ella really has become a valued member of the team.
  • What even is roller derby?
  • Is Ella the best wing man?
  • Half way through this episode I was thinking something was up with Pierce, guess I was right.
  • What a great reveal, I don’t think anyone saw that coming.
  • Can’t wait to learn more about Cain and his motives.
  • I’m gonna miss the Sinnerman.
  • Great mid-season finale

Lucifer will be back January 1st.