A truly unexpected episode from The Gifted.  The episode had a nice slow burn to the climax and a shocking twist. A twist that really improved the last few episodes when looking back. Starting off the episode was a nice flashback that reminds us of the classic Xmen comics.

There are two subplots in this episode and both handle very well. The first is Reed and Caitlin trying to reason with Tuner about the safety of their children. I really enjoy this plot due to how we got to see both sides of the argument of mutans and how they should be treated and dealt with. I’ve grown to like Tuner and seeing how he is still processing the death of his daughter. Caitlin also made this subplot with having the last few moments.

The second is Dr.Champbell and the Strucker kids. We got to see how insane and ruthless Campbell really is. He is willing to do anything to understand the scene of mutant genes. There is a death of one of the members of the mutant underground that shocked me and didn’t see coming. However, the twist and turns didn’t end there.  The ending and reveal of Esme true intentions where the icing on the cake. Absolutely unexpected and well done. It got me invested in the next episode and got me thinking about all sorts of fanboy theories. A great ending that will satisfy viewers and leads into a new direction this show can take.

Overall a great episode that as me looking forward to the next episode. I’m very curious to see where Esme takes this show and how the mutant underground will handle this twist.

The Gifted” airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox.