It’s the blame game. Everyone is blaming everyone else and no one knows who to trust. Except for Gabriel. Who the gang hates as well. He saw Asher’s whole murder. And the FBI killed him. But of course since they are all suspicious they throw Gabriel out and the paranoia starts.

Annalise has got to go to court. You know because of her little excursion to Mexico. Tegan is on her side and is her lawyer. They fight to get Annalise’s house arrest listed and then the charges hit. They want Annalise dead. And then the news hits the fan and now they all feel “guilty”. I don’t believe it. It could be that they know she didn’t do anything and they are trying to sell her up the river. But who knows at this point. Everything is all over the place. Then as if they don’t have enough to deal with, Vivian drops a bomb on Annalise about who killed Asher. Vivian wants to strike a deal with Annalise but she is not going to fall for it. But she has some other pertinent information it seems, and she is sincere this time. She is fighting for the life of her son. Then Vivian drops bombs on Hiroshima about Hannah.

We know who Hannah is, she is Sam’s sister. She popped up in season 1 stirring trouble for Annalise and keeping her from getting the insurance money on the house and whatnot. And as far as we know, the house is still in probate. She hates Annalise, could she be the puppet master pulling the strings? Just how far does her hatred go? She has been virtually absent since season 1 but a woman scorned…

Frank finally gets his revenge on Xavier, you know Laurel’s brother. But everyone thinks that he is trying to get information about Laurel. But Frank has a soft spot for Annalise so he spills the information. She then, in turn, tells St Nate. Xavier orders the hit on Nate, Sr, so we pretty much know how it’s going to go, Look at Ron, he attacked him with no hesitation, and yet everyone hates Annalise.

The last part of the show is jam packed with information as the season finally picks up. Nate is with Xavier, Annalise is fighting for her life, and Connor and Michaela had their words turned on them as Annalise finally puts herself first. But at what cost? Especially since now we know for a fact that Governor Birkhead is indeed the reason for a lot of their troubles. Although, it makes me wonder if Nate, Sr was really the start of the war between Annalise and Birkhead. There’s obviously more to it than that, or it lease it has to be.

Then Vivian comes DROPS AN ATOMIC BOMB ON Annalise. She starts by telling her that her villain isn’t the Castillos or the governor. Instead, its Hannah. That information comes as no surprise to Annalise. But what will shock her is the reason why, something happened between Sam and Hannah.