We got some super exciting news about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend last week when The CW renewed it along with 10 other shows on their lineup! With the show being on break this week, the best way to celebrate, aside from binge watching the whole series again, is to obsess over the promo and pictures from next week’s episode. Join me in my investigation let’s decide what it all means and where she’s going and what’s happening!

First things first, how cool is it that Rikki Lake AND Amber Riley are guest starring on this episode! The trailer shows them singing a DreamGirls-esque song with Dr. Akopian while still on the plane.

In some of the other pictures we see adult Rebecca in a scene with her parents and little Rebecca, which leads me to believe she’ll be telling her therapist about some specific traumas and we’ll be revisiting them with her!

I also think she got on a plane to New York and not Hawaii, because if she heard Josh says he didn’t love her then she also heard him say he wasn’t going!

After everything that happened last week and every fantasy she’d created crashing and burning around her, I’m worried about her sanity and also dying to know how everyone reacts to her absence.

“Josh Has No Idea Where I Am” was written by Bloom & Brosh McKenna and is described in the press release as follows: “Rebecca gets stuck on a plane with her therapist, who takes her on a surprising journey. Meanwhile, in West Covina, Josh, Paula, Darryl and even a reluctant Greg come together to find Rebecca.”

This is all too much excitement for me to handle and next week needs to be here like right now!!!!