It may be a little bit late to begin Christmas shopping, but it’s never to early to start for next year! (Right!?) Here is a list of ten gifts that any horror fanatic will treasure and adore!

(Note: None of these products or vendors have any sort of advertisement deal with The Game of Nerds, and they have all been handpicked by our writers. If they happen to be sold out by the time of reading, consider that a testament to how bad-ass the product is! Let us know if any links are dead!)

1.) Hellraiser Puzzle Box Coasters


Picture Source: Etsy – FairyTaleNighmares

Hellraiser coasters aren’t the only horror-related product that you can find at the Etsy shop FairyTaleNightmares, but it may be one of the coolest.

2.) Never Sleep Again Whipped Coffee Sugar Body Scrub


Picture Source: Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop

Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop is what happens when you mix horror, skin care and bath products all into one amazing bundle! The perfect gift for any horror lover who likes to occasionally treat themselves but keep it creepy at the same time.

3.) Custom-Painted Machete


Picture Source: Etsy – MiseryLovesCo510

Double-sided custom-painted machetes by MiseryLovesCo510 on Etsy? If this doesn’t scream horror, I don’t know what does. It is the perfect gift to give your horror-loving psychopath!

4.) The No Sleep Podcast Season Pass


Picture Source: No Sleep Horror Podcast

With the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life it is sometimes a bit difficult to find the time to it down and read. With The No Sleep Podcast Season Pass you can listen to short and terrifying stories by award-winning narrators from around the world while you are out and about getting things done or from the comfort of your own home.

5.) Horror Icons Soap Set


Picture Source: Etsy – Sicksoaps

Get your dirtiest horror fan some Horror Icon Soaps from Sicksoaps on Etsy!

6.) Is My Makeup Okay? Enamel Pin


Picture Source: Demon Pinfestation

“What are you looking at? Is my makeup okay? Stop staring at me. Stop looking at me!” Enamel pins have become quite the trend this past year. Hop on that fad train and check out the pins from Demonic Pinfestation!

7.) Black Christmas Vinyl


Picture Source: Waxwork Records

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! …blood splatter everywhere. Speaking of blood splatter, this blood-splatter record of the classic horror film Black Christmas from Waxwork Records is on every wishlist this year!

8.) Until Dawn


Picture Source: Supermassive Games

What is better than the gift of gaming? That’s right. There isn’t anything better. In a choose-you- own adventure style fashion I present you the story-telling video game Until Dawn. The perfect gift for any horror-loving gamer.

9.) Re-Animator Baseball Tee


Picture Source: Cavity Colours

Cavity Colours is constantly putting out amazing products, but currently what horror fans are most infatuated with is their Re-Animator Collection!

10.) Creepy Garland Banner

pure horror

Picture Source: Etsy – BedlamSupplyCo

Who doesn’t love their favourite horror icons hanging in their house? A great surprise for anyone looking to add a touch of horror to their home from BedlamSupplyCo on Etsy!

In all honesty though, the greatest gift of them all is being able to share my thoughts, opinions and reviews with everyone here at The Game of Nerds. Thank you and happy horror-days!