May the 4th be With You, nerds! Star Wars Day has become an unofficial holiday in the geek community and has inspired celebrations around the globe to honor the Star Wars franchise. If you aren’t able to attend the amazing celebrations held at Disney Parks, don’t worry! Holding a gathering of your own to celebrate your favorites heroes (or villains – we don’t judge) can be simple and fun with the right group of friends! Here are the best finds on Amazon that can help you throw the BEST Star Wars Day celebration right at home!

No time to host the day of? You’ve still got plenty of time to get prepped for the birthday of the Star Wars mastermind – you can celebrate George Lucas’s 74th birthday on May 14th!

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker ($39.99)

Death Star Waffle Maker

Pangea Brands

Now you, too, can destroy the Death Star…and savor the moment with your old friend, Mrs. Butterworth.

Star Wars Coffee Press R2D2 Limited Edition ($38.00)

Star Wars Coffee Press

Star Wars

A movie marathon always calls for coffee at some point, so why not make your caffeine fix into something nerdy?

Star Wars Death Star Popcorn Maker – Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl ($49.88)

Death Star Popcorn Maker

Pangea Brands

That’s no moon…that’s a healthy snack!

Zak Designs Star Wars Ceramic Dinner Plate Set ($20.94)

Star Wars Plates

Zak Designs

Second servings, you shall have.

Star Wars R2-D2 Bowl ($19.30)

R2-D2 Bowl Set


Keep the snacks alive…just like R2-D2.

Star Wars Ice Mold ($14.99)


Death Star Mould


This mold is cool enough on its own, but if you play the cantina theme while drinking with this ice cube you will immediately hit a peak in your nerdy adulthood.

Star Wars Planetarium Glassware ($80.98)

Star Wars Planetarium Glassware

Star Wars

Some Bantha milk would taste incredible in these glasses!

3DLightFX Star Wars Death Star 3D Deco Light ($29.83)

Death Star Deco Light


You can try to deny that you wanted one of these when you were a kid. We all know you’d be lying.

Disney Star Wars BB8 Table Lamp ($19.99)

BB-8 Table Lamp


BB-8 will make sure you never stray too far into the Dark Side!

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Laser Engraved Wall Clock ($49.99)

Millenium Falcon Wall Clock

Inked and Screened

Finally, if you’re looking for a Star Wars piece that is functional and adult-like but still geeky as all hell, here you go. Stay classy, you nerds.

(or not. you do you.)