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Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heat Wave (left) and Wentworth Miller as Leo — X/Citizen Cold (right). Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Spoilers For “Beebo The God Of War” and Events That Occurred Prior

The Midseason finale found the Legends thrust back into the time of the Vikings as they discover America. Hot off the heels of the tragic loss of Martin Stein, the Legends must find a way to cope while facing the level twelve anachronism that is Beebo.

That’s right. A tickle-me Elmo type doll made it’s way to the Vikings thanks to a time displaced younger Martin, having just gone Christmas shopping for his little girl circa 1992. The discovery of this talking doll in the year 1000 leads to the Vikings worshiping it as their god, and then conquering what would be America and turning it into New Valhalla. The idea is fantastic, and a really fun idea that embraces the season’s anachronism focus. It really played well with how silly the show loves to be, while leading to some great beats, and comedic moments throughout the episode’s length—such as Ray puppeteering Beebo himself.  Besides Beebo himself though, the episode falters in most other aspects.

Once the team eliminated Beebo (Bravo to Mick), Damien and Eleanor Darhk promptly showed up to fill the god sized void, showing their faces as Odin and the Valkyrie. This elevation and evolution of the anachronism threat in theory is great—in fact it’s very similar to what I praised in Helen Hunt. However here, the Darhk’s were underutilized and essentially useless. I mean all Damien did was summon some lightning, sit in a chair for a little bit, and then run away with an injured Eleanor.  Not to mention the lack of any answers regarding what they are actually trying to do is becoming extremely frustrating, something that really stuck out this time around. There is a certain balance when it comes to withholding and giving information on the secret motivations of the bad guys, a balance this season has not achieved. Even more than that, for being a midseason finale, the Mallus plot hardly inched forward. The only thing we received was a brief tease that essentially gave next to no new information on this big bad threat.

Legends 309 12

Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk. Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Can we also talk about that montage scene with the team coming up with a plan against Darhk?  I mean the idea is great and all, but it would have actually worked had they thrown logic into the scene.  I mean Sarah’s initial plan was what, to walk in alone and get killed? Was she expecting a better outcome? Even when they started adding the rest of the team to the plan variations, little made sense.  Why is it Darhk couldn’t move against Nate?  Why did they think in any scenario that Darhk wasn’t going to catch that arrow?  When we saw the plan actually happen, and succeed, why was it so easy to beat them in the first place?  The script called for a certain set of events to happen, but the logic behind the steps as executed was flawed.

Another thing that struck me as off in this episode was Leonard Snart. As I’ve mentioned plenty of times, Captain Cold should never have been killed off, and I’ll never be over it. This new Snart is fun to watch, and is a nice dose of something we’ve been without for far too long. However, why is he here? Why is he on the Waverider? Who asked him to be a part of the team? I mean the man essentially invited himself onto the ship, and become a self appointed member. He then went and took it on himself to try and reshape everyone on the team. Who exactly does he think he is? Coming over to cope with his own losses isn’t enough, or even really a correct, explanation. As much as I want to see more Snart, the current method of achieving this is not working out like it did in the crossover.

Something that did work in this episode was Jax’s journey, and further mourning of Stein’s death. While It was hard enough trying to accept the loss of his other half, running into a younger Martin Stein in 1000 certainly didn’t make it easier for Jax. This led to to a constant internal struggle and debate on whether or not Jax could or should try to warn Martin of his fate. I really enjoyed the call back to the loophole that Zari did with Helen, and how that led to Jax trying to find his own. What I enjoyed even more, is how in staying true to who he is, Martin Stein stubbornly refused to read the warning letter. It was a great resolution to their story. The Firestorm plot line this season has been one of their stronger aspects and I’m sad to see it go. With Jax deciding to (temporarily?) leave the team, I wonder which Arrowverse character may take his place.

Legends 309 10

Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary. Photo courtesy of DC Legends TV.

Overall, I think the midseason finale was disappointing—especially when it came to any advancement of the overall plot. With no real movement on Mallus, Darhk’s agenda, or the coincidence of running into the team’s younger selves/families, the season plot was at a standstill. What Beebo The God Of War did do properly was help give us our final farewell to Stein, and giving Jax a send off as he goes to heal in his own ways. With the last few minutes showing Constantine’s arrival, I hope that his reappearance will mean big things for not only the team, but the show itself.


Bonus Notes:

  • While the whole intro was extremely corny, that Arrow soundtrack was great.
  • Martin is looking quite young.
  • I guess Agent Sharp is getting closer to not only being an ally of the Legends, but also a love interest for Sarah. They’re gonna have to work at that to make me care about Sharp and the two of them. Good thing for them though, Sharp was far more manageable this episode than previous ones.
  • How did nobody see Snart fire his cold gun to save Mick?
  • Zari and Jax should have been playing Injustice 2 like Arrow did a few weeks ago. Maybe even Flash Vs Green Arrow? Or Firestorm Vs. anyone? Also they never quite established why both Zari and Jax stayed back. The plot just really needed Jax in a place to take Martin home I guess.
  • How useless is the Time Bureau huh? They just kind of gave up without a fight.
  • Despite my current issues with Snart, his team up with Mick against Eleanor was still a noteworthy moment.
  • Now remind me again…this is Mallus we are worried about and not Savitar yes?


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