Photo Source: Jordin Althaus/FOX

Your Honor

I feel so #blessed when we get a deeper look into Captain Raymond Holt’s personal life. When we first met him, his cold, calculated personality was not that amusing, but over time, it has become one of the most humorous staples of the show. This week, we got a glimpse into where it all came from. We met his mother–the honorable Laverne Holt–a federal judge and overall awesome lady. Amy even wrote her Wikipedia page! Sadly, we met her because someone robbed her apartment. While she was at Wine Club, no less! Gasp!

Holt recruited Jake to help him solve the case, but warned him to stay professional–his mom was not the type to bond over things. But Jake likes to keep things “profersonal”–just ask Amy…wink wink nudge nudge. Much to Holt’s surprise, Jake does bond with Laverne throughout the case, and she even confesses that she’s in a relationship with a man (whom Holt thought was one of their suspects)! When Holt found out, he was not psyched. Jake encouraged him to be open with his mom about his feelings, but Holt reminded him that that’s really not their style. We then learn, when he does confront her about it, that both of their stern personalities come from trying to be strong in front of each other ever since Mr. Holt died. They decided to be more caring and open with each other and even exchanged I love you’s. See? Jake was right! It’s always good to be profersonal!!

Back at the precinct, Terry, Charles, and Rosa redecorated the break room to look like an ugly Swedish airport lounge. Scully and Hitchcock were repulsed and no one wanted to use it, so they changed it back. Then, we saw the grossest scene in 99 history of Scully and Hitchcock dirtying up the new couch. I’m still repulsed.  Also, Amy sort of taught Gina how to change a tire.


Photo Source: Jordin Althaus/FOX

The Slaughterhouse

We already know that Jake and Rosa (well, Jake and anyone really) are a dynamic duo of detecting so it seems pretty crazy that they would have to prove themselves to anyone, yet that’s exactly what they had to do this week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

When they accidentally ruined Lieutenant Melanie Hawkin’s (Gina Gershon) undercover operation on O’Campo (I gotta be honest. I have NO idea if I spelled that right), they fought like crazy to gain her trust and approval. After she checked into their records, she decided to bring them onto the case and even choose one of them at the end to join her squad at “The Slaughterhouse”. This is a major dream for both Jake and Rosa, so they spend the rest of the episode fighting and pranking while trying to catch the bad guy at the same time. In the end, Jake makes the smarter move to catch O’Campo, but Rosa comes clean and admits that she’s always wanted a badass female leader. So he gives her the credit. Hawkins likes their teamwork, though, and decides to take them both on. While at first, they both go outside and freak out together, the excitement is short lived. Jake caught Hawkins scheming with O’Campo. That bitch is diiiirty.

Back at the precinct, Terry and Charles tried to be good Papa Bears and help Scully and Hitchcock solve a petty conflict causing them to act even more annoying than usual. And that’s hard to do. Because these guys are the worst. Nothing they did worked. Nothing! Finally, Gina came in and solved everything, as usual. She treated them like animals and solved their issues with treats immediately. Dear Dan Goor and Michael Schur, can you please just leave Hitchcock and Scully in the background where they belong? Or at least Hitchcock. He’s much worse than Scully.

And Holt spent the entire half hour trying to get Amy to unlock her emotions. He lost her favorite fountain pen and she barely got mad. I’m really loving how their relationship has shifted since he “officially” became her mentor. They make a fun pair. As do most pairs on this show, actually. This is one show where almost everyone has fun chemistry with each other. Except Hitchcock. Never Hitchcock.