Tragically, Scorpion took a short hiatus for last week, so we were left with our thoughts and hopes for the coming episode. And, of course, the wishful thought of a Quintis baby to bless the team. So, I figured there was no better time to compose a list of potential names for the kid! You know, since Happy hasn’t been very, well, happy with the suggestions she’s gotten so far. Without further ado, here are the top names I think even she would be satisfied with.


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Happy never got to know her mother. But it would be natural to honor the woman who gave you life by naming your child after her, especially considering Happy’s mother died in childbirth. The circle of geek life must continue.


Marie Curie is well known for her discovery of polonium and radium as well as her development of x-rays. She was the first person (not the first woman, the first person) to win two Nobel prizes. Both her work and name are influential and critical in history, and I personally feel like it would within reason for the name Marie to be put on the table. Because kickass female genius scientist.


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This is purely selfish, and you are all going to deal with it. A while back, my fellow writer Jaimee joked that Happy and Toby would have a baby named Harley. She meant that she thought Happy would name the kid after her motorcycle, a Harley Davidson. But the idea of a baby Harley Quinn-Curtis gets the comic book geek in me all riled up with the giggles, so I am absolutely saying it should be on the table. Think of the Halloween episode possibilities, people!


This one should be fairly obvious. Though Happy has never had much of a relationship with her father, the time they spent together meant a great deal to her. He was not able to attend her wedding, but I don’t think she would let that get in the way of her desire to have a closer relationship with him. And naming her child after her father would be a way for her to feel connected with him while forming a new family of her own, which would also give her a chance to be the parent he could not be for her.

Not to mention that Walter’s middle name is Patrick so the name could hold a double meaning. (And get Walter to stop making up those terrible versions of his own name.)


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When she’s not falling head-over-heels for Toby, Happy crushes on Elon Musk. Enough said, honestly.


Aaaaand, of course, one more gratuitous historical genius name. Because who would we be if we forgot to include Sir Isaac Newton in this naming process? Newton was a mathematician, astronomer, theologian and physicist who is famously known for his theory and description of gravity. He’s a pretty momentous deal in science history so it would make sense for his name to be taken into consideration during Toby and Happy’s baby-naming process.

Alright, nerds, you’ve heard my opinions on this matter! I’m not saying the writers should take all these names into consideration, but like…the writers should definitely take these names into consideration. What do you think would be an awesome name for the future Quintis baby?