Supernatural: The One You’ve Been Waiting For.


  Is it though?

With my kiddos, Moose and Goose both having birthdays in the past week, and the election happening here in the U.S., to say that I’ve been busy is an understatement. Having said that, this week’s post will be a little different. Just like Thursday’s episode. Let’s dig into The One You’ve Been Waiting For!

Okay, this whole episode was basically crack fiction. It was welcome to those of us who have been dealing with election exhaustion and dealing with the aftermath of said election. But it was so out of tone, I’m not even sure I was watching the same show. What I DO know is that there were Nazis. Thule Nazis. Everywhere.

We open on a rich old lady in a closed pawn shop, admiring and haggling with the dealer over a super fancy Nazi pocket watch. He tries to up the price at the last minute, she refuses, and well, he starts on fire, dropping the watch. Rich Lady proves that crime does pay when, rather than try to help the human torch, she picks up the watch and starts to run. She gets about two steps before she too combusts. Then we see a shadowy figure lurking in the background. Dun dun DUUUNNNN!!!

Down in the Bunker, Dean rejects pie (gasp!) and informs Sam that his name is actually “Dean Sublimating Winchester” by sidestepping a Broment™ with Sammy. He found a case! Woohoo! Spontaneous combustion, here we come!! They head to the antique shop (AKA “Rich Folks Garage Sale) and Sam hops onto the computer while Dean literally breaks ships. Sigh. Dean, you are a puppy. Maybe don’t break all the old shit til you find out if it wants to kill you? Awesome. Both he and Sam figure out what’s up at the same time. Sam finds emails talking about Nazi memorabilia and Dean finds a secret hidden Nazi room. We hate Nazis too, Dean.


If you look closely, you can see me on that ship… GIF thanks to hellsbells91

Meanwhile, a Tinder date starts out adorable and awkward with a babbling girl and an horny boy. The stuff of fairy tales. The girl (Ellie) runs to the bathroom to give herself a pep talk (she is me), and while she is in there, the date goes downhill. Crashes and burns, if you will. Or just burns. Thule break in and burn her date alive, but she manages to escape. Yay!

The boys call Aaron (YAY ADAM ROSE!) AKA Dean’s “Gay Thing” from season 8 to see if there has been any rumblings about the Thule, after finding out that they’ve been quiet for awhile (which is scary) they find out about another victim and head off.



While they’re at the crime scene, Ellie is in a police car… getting kidnapped by the Thule. The boys give chase and catch up with her and a dickish Hitler Youth Millennial with Daddy issues (Christoph). They tell her the truth about the Thule, she needs convincing, of course, and the kid tells them that his dad is a big old Hitler fan and that the pocket watch they’ve been chasing contains Hitler’s soul. His dad saved Hitler’s soul because of course.

While they chat, the Thule come and find them. Dean and Sam fight them, Ellie escapes, so does Christoph. Ellie doesn’t get far, however, when Christoph’s dad (Nauhaus) catches her. See, she’s Hitler’s great great grand niece and the spell to bring the Fuhrer back depends on having a blood relative. While they’re on their way to the Super Secret Nazi Hangar, Christoph and his dad have a nice bonding moment about how big a disappointment the kid is, and Christoph laments that his dad is a dick. Color me shocked, your Nazi dad is an asshole. Congrats, John! You’ve moved up one on the ladder for Father of the Year! They get to the hanger and Christoph’s dad washes his hands of his son by ordering he be killed. Yikes. Christoph manages to kill his executioner and finds the Winchesters, telling them he’ll help them find his dad and Ellie. Awwww nothing like familial betrayal to straighten a kid out.

Back in the hanger, Hitler’s #1 fan is preparing for his arrival by playing Wagner, decorating, and strapping Ellie down on a table. Awesome. Dean and Sam show up and Sam tells Dean no grenade launcher, since they wanna be stealthy. This is hilarious when you can literally hear their car from a mile away. Dammit, Sammy, just LET HIM LIVE. Nauhaus explains to Ellie that she won’t be the one to be blessed with Adolf’s soul, he will. They are both on tables, and he’s literally taking her blood into himself. Gross. One of the henchmen come and set the watch on his stomach, and it makes itself at home inside the swastika it carves.



GIF by casandean

Enter Sam and Dean… and the Thule who caught them. So much for stealth. But hey, at least they get to see some of the crazy Hitler’s old buddies are seeing! Not sure you knew this, but Adolf Hitler was crazy as fuck. He’s super manic here and it’s scary and hilarious as he talks about what he could do with Twitter. Nearly bloodless Ellie manages to grab a gun and shoot one of his henchmen, and another Nazi fight ensues. And Dean kills Hitler. Go Team Not Nazis! They let Christoph go, the Thule is gonna hunt him down, anyway, so he’d better run! Ellie decides to go back to school. Also did I mention that Dean killed Hitler? If not, he did plenty.

So this episode was a distraction during a very stressful week, and it was like a crack fanvid come to life, but tonally it was all off. I don’t know, I wasn’t exactly pumped for another Nazi storyline either. It was weird and ridiculous and I have yet to decide if that is a good thing or not.


BAMF:  Dean “I Killed Hitler” Winchester. Obviously.


GIF by 



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