While the first episode of the season focused on Dev and his new Italian life, the second one brought back the adventures of Big Bud Little Bud and brought to light a sort of crossroads for Dev.

Arnold is in Italy yo attend a wedding and to have a bros weekend with his lil bud. Dev starts out by showing him around his neighbourhood and taking him to a perfect market where they try cheeses and have the best time. Basically the entire plan for the weekend is eat sleep and repeat. We learn that Arnold is on this dating app for people who like their boys big and tall, and he’s KILLING IT, juggling multiple women (which I do not support in the slightest) and sending them all boomerangs.

Dev however, is not having such romantic luck. Since the email from Rachel in the first episode, he’s been texting her and flirting with her AND WHERE IS THIS GOING YOU GUYS?! While they’re having the fanciest meal ever, Dev steps out to text Rachel and Arnold starts wistfully looking at old pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend WHOSE WEDDING HE IS ATTENDING LATER!



On their way to the wedding, they gets ~extremely stuck in a tiny Italian street. The car gets stuck and then Arnold gets stuck in the sunroof as he tries to get out. Dev, after taking some pictures (because, of course) runs to get help. After they’re all freed, Arnold comes clean about this being his exes wedding. Dev then agrees to go with him for emotional support. \

Everything was going okay until Arnold’s exes husband turned out to be a shorter version of Arnold! He loses his shit, makes a weird ass declaration of love to the ex and altogether behaves terribly. Dev pulls him out of there and they go on an Italian adventure, involving lots more food and a bit of soul searching. Arny is worried about never connecting with anyone like that again but Dev is a supportive friend and  makes him feel way better. They end up going back to the wedding and apologizing to the bride, who is more forgiving that I would have been!

After all this, it’s time for Dev to head back to New York. We see him saying a bittersweet goodbye to Nonna and Francesca and all the pasta. In a somewhat rushed move, he gets home, calls his agent, and she tells him she already has a great gig for him. The episode ends with Dev as the new host of Clash of The Cupcakes (picture Jonathan Bennet of Cupcake Wars but as Aziz Ansari)



It’s a cute gig for a cute dude and an interesting return home that sets the rest of the series, check back here next week for my recap of episode 3, Religion, and don’t forget to watch the series on Netflix if you haven’t already!