One step closer to what is to be an explosive mid-season finale brought its only type of crazy thanks to our resident Red Neck Daryl. But before that we have some lead up to one of the half cocked plans we have seen in quite some time on the show.

Rick, who is still being captive is being drawn like some college student looking for some extra cash. We don’t see Rick must until the end so we don’t know how he is being treated. Inside the Sanctuary Eugene talks to Dwight, tells him that he needs to stop the collusion aspects against Negan and the Sanctuary and he won’t tell anyone about the betrayal. Dwight sits Eugene down and says that all he has to do to be on the winning side is to just sit back and wait. Negan can die and be the only one to die if he just sits back and waits for it to happen.

Father Gabriel is getting worse, and Dr. Carson asks Eugene to sit in with him as he goes to gather some alternative supplies. Eugene talks to Gabriel and still isn’t sure about helping get Dr. Carson out, he only looks for himself. Eugene was working on a trade of fixing a radio for some wine, he didn’t fulfill his job but still got wine because he pleaded that he needs it to sleep. Eugene, who has been very busy, talks to Negan, who respects Eugene and tells him he thinks he can find a way out of here and how important Eugene must feel being the second most important person in the Sanctuary. Eugene comes up with an idea of drawing walkers away with the sound of music, so he sacks up to go and get the Ipod out of the casket that Sasha was in.

Meanwhile, Daryl, the crazy bastard, has arrived near the Sanctuary with Tara, Rosita and Michonne. The latter two coming with the intention of just seeing things for themselves as they missed the fight. Morgan and some snipers happened to be there and told Daryl they will help with cover fire. Rosita doesn’t like the plan, and says that sometimes you have to just wait it out from a distance instead of risking yourself. Rosita wishes she didn’t learn that from seeing Sasha walk out of the casket. Rosita leaves but not before Morgan tells her where a vehicle is to get back. As the group gets closer for the final push, Michonne realizes that this move isn’t the move she wants to make, and if things are working well now, they should just continue to let this run it’s course. Michonne doesn’t think this is worth risking their lives so she also bows out and heads back to Alexandria.

In the Sanctuary, Eugene starts his crazy plan to try to lure the walkers away, he has tied a Ipod to the airplane in an attempt to fly it so the sound will lead the walkers away from the exits and the Sanctuary so they can either make their escape or have a chance to take out the walkers from behind. When he is about to take off Dwight is behind him and tells him not to move as he has a gun pointed at his head. They exchange words about taking out Negan and how Eugene wants to save the people of the Sanctuary, he says instead of doing nothing he will take his chances of getting shot in the back as he starts up the plane and has it start to hover over the walkers with music blaring. Dwight instead shoots down the plane and quickly escapes thwarting Eugene’s plan.

Concurrently, Daryl starts his idiotic plan, seriously I would have thought it had more to it. So he has Tara and the snipers lay cover fire down at the people in the windows as he drives the dump truck towards the Sanctuary, he puts a cinder block down on the gas pedal and escapes. The garbage truck goes over a number of walkers and slams into the building creating a hole. That is the extent of Daryl’s plan…….it does create enough of an opening so the walkers come inside. The workers make their way up the stairs, the soldiers start to fight off the walkers. Regina starts a counter plan in motion for the Saviors to shoot the walkers at the bottom of the stairs, causing a pileup of walkers that the still moving walkers are unable to climb over.

Eugene sees all the walkers, sees Dwight, sees the reality and flips out and goes to talk to Gabriel, in a nutshell he says his whole life plan is to live no matter what it takes. That means he won’t join Gabriel with his plans, he won’t allow Dr. Carson to leave in case he needs his expertise here and that is the end of it. He thinks that the walker invasion was some part of Gabriel’s or Rick’s bigger plan, which without context I can somewhat understand, Gabriel who is still laid up in a hospital bed doesn’t know what is going on. Eugene goes and talks to Negan, now very motivated to fix this situation, Negan asks if his bullet maker can fill his guns. Eugene says if he gets him to his machines or his machines to him he can. Negan asks Eugene if he knows the pile of shit he is going to dump on Rick for the pile of shit Rick dumped on him, and Eugene completely understands and that doesn’t deter him at all. He also says in front of the others, as Dwight is in the room, he also has figured out how to get the intercom communications back together.

Back at Heapster town, Judas says that it’s time for after, Rick is nearly naked with his hands tied in front of him as another custom walker is brought to a fighting area to finish Rick off. Rick isn’t going to go out that way and fights back, he overtakes the guard who had him, and the guard who had the walker on a stick. After getting a hold of the stick he takes the head off the body, Judas seeing that her plan is also garbage grabs a gun to try to shoot Rick who overpowers her and gets her on the ground with the biting walker head right in front of her.

He goes on that this is over now, he gets his clothes and he gets to leave out of here, and if not his people can get here in a day and they will attack. They can stay and draw and sculpt whatever they want but they should leave. He asks if she is done yet and she says she is, after hearing gunshots the other people of her clan surround Rick with guns but she motions them to stand down. She asks what his plan is, and wants to know if she can draw him, in birthday suit after. Rick says no but they decide to switch sides again. They drive to the Sanctuary and none of the snipers are responding to Rick’s call, he gets to one of the lookout posts and sees one of the snipers fell and got caught up on the ladder and was eaten by some walkers. Rick dispatches the walkers, grabs the sniper rifle and heads up. He looks through the scope and sees that few dead walkers, the garbage truck through the Sanctuary and no walkers piled up and has his patented oh shit look as he realizes the wheels have come off his plan.