Hello guys, how y’all doing?

Too much informal? Probably, I should get a little formal and organized. . .

Like Frank did. Oops, my bad. Like St.Francis did in this episode of Shameless in order to get a job at Lumber, Lawn and Lighting and guess what? He actually got it. Not only that, he also excelled at it so nicely that he inspired and impressed everyone around him including his new boss!

While St.Francis was busy inspiring people, Fiona was having a lot of troubles from her tenants. No one was on time with the rent and she didn’t know how to react to the situation. (She, however, deals with it later in a great way.) On the other hand, Lip is all focused in sabotaging Sierra’s relationship as he badly needs distraction from his drinking problem. He is seeking Sierra back in his life.

Nah, ain’t gonna happen anytime soon, bro.

Debbie is not paying enough attention to her boyfriend (who takes care of her baby all the time in her absence) because of a hunk she met at the bar, and it is going in a bad, bad direction from there for her. Ian seems to find a way to get things sorted with Trevor. Liam and his rich friend’s mother are both shocked (or astonished) by the lifestyles of each-other.

When all the Gallaghers are having good (and bad) times in their lives, Kevin is all devastated by the news that he has a lump in his chest and he is really panicked that it might CANCER. He joins the cancer support group and gets the mental support for his upcoming operation.shameless

So, that’s pretty much everything that has been happening in Shameless right now. Trust me, I don’t feel like leaving my seat for a minute, when the show is on!

Don’t forget to watch what happens to Carl. (Well, the hint is in the title.)