Prom Night was scary for Betty, so scary that she agreed to stay with the farm for protection. This may seem like a dumb decision, but Betty Cooper is smart. In this episode we saw how she found out the real purpose of the farm. It was actually more scarier than everything she went through at prom. Knowing that her mother, friends, and family, were in custody of a cult capable of mischievous things was more motivating than anything she went through. We also found out that Hiram Lodge’s big plans to take poor Riverdale and make it his own.

Dark Betty

Alice Smith has confessed before in a previous episode that she is scared of Betty and that she contains the same darkness as her father, but it’s actually more than that. Betty’s family informed her that she has the genes of a serial killer which neither of the other family members have. Betty can be aggressive when she needs to be, but I highly doubt that she would be a serial killer because of her father. She is always looking out for her friends and family, this dark side that they say she has doesn’t seem too revealing enough to label her as a threat.

Edgar offered to help her, but his version of help isn’t something normal like a shoulder to cry on or counseling. Edgar tried to connect with Betty’s inner thoughts with the power of hypnosis. Betty quickly grew tired of Edgar’s mind games and decided to find out what the farm is really about. It’s actually a farm of human organ harvesting. Edgar preys on people with emotional issues, then he relates it to physical pain to justify his homemade procedures of organ removals to sell on the market. They had the audacity to highlight Betty’s dark side while conducting sickening acts. After she got the information she needed to support her claim, she convinced Cheryl to leave along with Toni before they could take her organs. Unfortunately she couldn’t get through to Kevin and Fangs which caused her to get trapped by Edgar.

The Hell caster Returns

Jughead continued his quest to find out the man or woman behind the Gargoyle costume. This eventually led back to Princess Ethel who was supposed to be free of the game since she was saved from the sisters of quiet mercy. I think she looks and sound really stupid still playing a game with a bunch of little kids. The kicker was when she said that the Gargoyle King is beautiful. Beautiful where!? I swear no one in this town acts their age. Props to the team for recreating the Lord Of The Flies inspired scene. Jughead’s acts of kindness was rewarded with the truth. The Gargoyle King is Jason Blossom who is dead of course, but when Jughead dug up his grave, his body was missing. I know Edgar can be very conniving, but he isn’t a magician or wizard, so I know he couldn’t possible reincarnate Jason or could he?

Veronica Wins

Pop dropped a huge bomb on Veronica that made her go out of her way to take him own again! I don’t like this chick’s character because she never knows what she wants! She was just boo hooing about how her daddy taught her about family coming first and staying together as a family, now she wants to take him down. She irritates me. Especially when she wants to play with Archie. In this episode she actually agreed to be with Reggie after attending prom with Archie and doing all of those things for him. I felt like she pretty much used him and his gym to get Hiram caught by the feds. Poor Archie, he could do so much better, but his heart wants Veronica and Veronica will never know what she want because she’s a brat.

Rating: 3.5/5

I rated this episode a 3.5/5 because it was a little crappy compared to the events that occurred in the previous episode. I’m horribly confused about how the farm ties into the G&G crap, which also relates to Hiram attempting to own Riverdale. My biggest headache at the moment is the mystery behind the alleged dead boy Jason Blossom. I also didn’t like this episode because of the Lodge family affairs again. I wish Archie was more expressive about his feelings for Veronica. If I was in situation she would’ve gotten told off for her indecisiveness. It’s not cute to play with fine young men like toys. Veronica needs to learn her lesson by dating downgraded version of Archie and Reggie.