How To Get Away With Murder S3E4 Recap: “Don’t Tell Annalise”


This week’s episode opens with Annalise in her jail cell.
Bonnie comes to visit her to tell her that there was a second
as-yet-unidentified person pulled from the house. This one is burned but alive
and currently at the ER.

Flash back four weeks: Eve is visiting from New York and she
and Annalise are getting their drink on at a fancy bar. Our ladies party hard
and get free drinks off two douchey lawyers all night.


Annalise goes home absolutely hammered and Nate meets her at
the door. He tries to help her drunk ass upstairs but, as always, Annalise
cannot accept help from anybody—especially not Nate. Later we find out that
Annalise lied to Nate about being with Eve (she told him she was drinking with
Bonnie). Poor Nate. He really does mean well.


In some cheap motel somewhere, Frank has got a suitcase full
of money and uses a chunk of it to buy something as-yet-unstated but almost definitely
illegal. Maybe some sort of explosive or chemical weapon? Whatever it is, Frank
is clearly up to something because honestly when is he not?

This week’s pro bono client is high school student Tristan,
who committed $41K worth of credit card fraud. Tristan had grown up being
abused in the foster care system. Asher is first chair and is so nervous that
he’s sweating through his clothes. Annalise shows up hella hungover and tells
him basically that it’s all on him and he does the literal worst job ever on
his opening statement. I’m talking cringeworthy. Michaela looks like she wants
the earth to open up and swallow her whole while she’s watching it. Seriously,
it’s painful.

Asher is sort of saved when someone comes in and tells the
prosecutor that the defense can’t continue because Annalise’s license to
practice has been suspended. Someone leaked the video of her slapping the shit
out of last week’s pervert murderer and apparently it’s a big no-no for a
lawyer to physically assault a client, even if he is the worst person ever and
deserves way worse. Uh oh.


Asher can’t get any respect from the rest of the Keating 5
or the clinic and nobody is listening to him as he tries to work on Tristan’s
defense. Instead, they are all talking about Connor and Oliver’s sex lives.
Connor is dealing with his breakup blues by banging as many dudes on Humpr as
is humanly possible and Michaela is all up on Oliver’s Humpr account trying to
match him. Finally Asher tells them all to shut the hell up and tasks Oliver
with (legally) following the money trail to find out what Tristan did with the
stolen funds because he refuses to tell them where the money went.


Frank has gone radio silent on Laurel so she goes to visit
Frank’s dad to try to find out why he would go to Coalport, PA. Frank’s dad
doesn’t seem surprised that he took off and tells Laurel that he had once been
in prison, and that Sam and Annalise saved him. I honestly don’t know why it
surprises Laurel that Frank’s been to prison but it does.

We find Frank posing as Kevin the Janitor at a prison in
Coalport, lurking around and trying to get into the medical ward. One of the
nurses stops him and tells him to stay in his lane and Frank turns on that
Delfino charm.


Oliver hacks into Tristan’s bus pass and the team learns
that Tristan has been going to a storage unit frequently. They get him to open
it up for them and see that the stolen money has all been spent on baby
stuff—stroller, car seat, and the rest of the gazillion expensive things that
babies require. Turns out, Tristan has a pregnant girlfriend and he’s keeping
it a secret because said girlfriend works at his school.

Bonnie somehow magically determines that the pregnant
pedophile in question is Tristan’s biology teacher, Susan, who is one of the
character witnesses at his trial. Bonnie decides that she is going to get Susan
to confess to statutory rape on the stand, which seems pretty extra but she’s
determined to get the confession before Susan can get a lawyer and deny it.


Asher doesn’t seem on board with the plan but Bonnie is not
taking no for an answer. With all of his usual tact, Asher is like OH RIGHT
you’re probably just doing this because your Dad abused you and Bonnie claps
back at Asher with the whole Tiffany Howard rape situation and tells him to get
his own ride home.


Nate goes to visit ADA Rene Atwood to find out if she’s the
one who leaked the slap video but she doesn’t seem to know a thing about it.
She’s obviously got a thing for Nate (and who could blame her).

Annalise and Eve are talking about her license suspension
and the possibility of retirement. Annalise admits that she spent all of Sam’s
life insurance policy money on hiring a hitman to kill Frank—well, maybe not
kill him, just find him. She wanted him to pay because she holds him
responsible for the death of her child. Nate comes back and catches Eve
comforting a crying Annalise and it’s totally an awkward third wheel situation
because Annalise is so much more willing to be vulnerable with Eve than she is
with Nate and he knows it. He definitely suspects that something is going on
between the two of them.


Oliver finds out that the person who leaked the slap video
was Barry Lewiston, a board member at the university. It’s clear that
Annalise’s lawsuit threat and refusal to abide by her suspension did not go
over well. She goes to see President Hargrove and totally loses it but Hargrove
isn’t intimidated by her. She actually tells her to shut up and survives.
Hargrove reminds Annalise that her employment contract and tenure is nullified
if she loses her license. Basically, Annalise is screwed if she doesn’t get her
license back.


The obvious immediate solution to this problem? Day-drinking
a bottle of vodka. Nate comes home to see Annalise crawled up inside that
bottle and he’s had enough. He asks her straight up is she’s sleeping with Eve
and this sets off a nasty fight in which he calls her an alcoholic (he’s not
wrong…) and she calls him a Bitch. Ouch. Then he calls her a cancer, tells her
she’s gonna die alone, tells her to get herself some help, and leaves. Good on
Nate for finally sticking up for himself with her but OUCH. He got a little Too


Despite Asher’s protest (and failed attempt to call Annalise
to intervene), Bonnie puts Tristan’s teacher on the stand and asks her point
blank if she is pregnant with her student’s baby. She ends up taking the fifth
but not before making it totally obvious that she’s guilty. Tristan tries to
get Asher to stop Bonnie but it’s too late. Afterwards, the prosecutor drops the
charges but Tristan would rather have gone to jail than see his child end up in
the system like he did. Bonnie feels like she did the wrong thing but Asher
ends up being proud of her for exposing that horrible woman for who she really

Annalise’s fight with Nate gave her a bright idea: she goes
to the court and goes on record saying that, due to the traumatic events that
have recently taken place in her personal and professional life, she has
started self-medicating with alcohol. She admits to being an alcoholic and says
she is going to seek treatment. Since alcoholism is a disease it comes with
legal protections that will enable Annalise to get her license back if she
undergoes treatment. Meanwhile, Nate has moved on pretty quick and is already
banging that ADA that’s obsessed with him.

Annalise makes a move on Eve, who kisses her back at first
but soon stops her. Eve tells Annalise that she has a new girlfriend who wants
her to move to San Francisco. Annalise asks if they love each other, which they
do, and tells Eve that she should move to San Francisco and let herself be
loved. Annalise knows that she is a straight up trainwreck mess and will never
be able to treat Eve the way she deserves to be treated. I was really hoping
after the Nate breakup that Annalise and Eve were going to get back together
but now I’m just hoping that Eve goes to San Francisco and doesn’t end up being
the one #underthesheet because it’s long past time to bury the “Bury Your Gays”
trope. Seriously, leave Eve alone or we riot.


Meggy throws a surprise birthday party for Wes (even though
Laurel had earlier spoiled the surprise). I don’t know what the hell is going
on with Wes and Laurel’s relationship but it’s very bizarre. One minute Laurel
is all about Frank and the next she’s uncomfortable watching Meggy and Wes
dancing. One minute Wes is all about Meggy and the next he’s all up in Laurel’s
business about where she’s been and who she’s on the phone with. It’s weird. I
hated when they hooked up last season and I hate their weird dynamic now. It’s
the one thing about this season that I really can’t stand. It feels forced and
unnatural and weird and I want it to go away. @Shonda: please end this.

Speaking of things I hate: Colliver is still broken up and
now there’s the extra weirdness of the fact that Connor is banging literally
everyone on Humpr. He would drop it all in a heartbeat if Oliver would take him
back but Oliver won’t do it. He would prefer if Connor not rub in his face that
he’s hooking up all the time, though, because Oliver’s positive status makes it
hard for him to find easy casual sex. At least we know that Oliver is not
hooking up with the insufferable Simon Drake, which was hinted at earlier in
the episode and which is totally not okay with me.


Turns out Frank aka Kevin the Janitor’s plan was to bang that
nurse, steal her access card, and enter the medical ward where Bonnie’s father
is suffering from lung disease. That stuff he bought earlier in the episode was
hydrogen sulfide, and Frank kills Bonnie’s father by replacing his oxygen with
the gas and melting his lungs inside his body. I’m not gonna lie—I cheered,
because f**k that guy. I fully support this episode’s theme of giving
pedophiles what they deserve.


The prison in Coalport notified Bonnie that her father died
and she goes to Annalise to tell her. Laurel overhears them talking and out in
the hallway she admits to Bonnie that she lied about not knowing Frank’s
whereabouts. Laurel tells Bonnie that Frank was in Coalport and that he is likely
the one who killed her father. Bonnie tells Laurel not to tell Annalise.

Flash forward to the hospital on the night of the fire and
Annalise’s arrest. Bonnie and Oliver are at the front desk, trying and failing
to get information about who was brought in from Annalise’s house. They see
Meggy and call out to her but she doesn’t hear them. Meggy brings the lab
results to the ER and tells them that the patient is pregnant, then she
recognizes her: it’s Laurel, alive but unconscious.


That’s two more we know aren’t #underthesheet this week, but
who is Laurel’s baby daddy? If it’s Wes, I’m never watching this show again.


Author: Ali Sciarabba

Twitter: @alimscribbles

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