“Longmire”-Final Season of Excellence 

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The protagonist of Netflix’s “Longmire”-crusty, crotchety sheriff Walt Longmire-had a satisfying and full circle conclusion with a 10 episode sixth season.

After patrolling the widespread plains of Absaroka County, Wyoming for 6 seasons, Walt and his deputies bowed to a season filled with intrigue, Irish mobsters, Indian gaming cheating and a burgeoning heroin epidemic. Coupled with the personal problems faced by the sheriff’s department (Vic’s pregnancy, Walt’s wrongful death lawsuit, Ferg’s PTSD from his kidnapping to name a few), the final “Longmire” season was intent to go out with the biggest of bangs. Which it accomplished.

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The beauty of “Longmire” has always been the proximity and access it’s given to Cheyenne culture. Henry Standing Bear, Tribal Police Officer Mathias and Jacob Nighthorse are all very different, three dimensional characters. Each is given room to operate as a fully formed person, without the writers resorting to crass or disrespectful stereotypes.

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The women of “Longmire” step their game up during the final season as well. Deputy Vic Moretti and Cady Longmire endure their share of tribulations (shooting and miscarriage for Moretti, shunning by the Cheyenne community for Cady) which lead to personal growth. Vic-who has always carried a torch for Walt-finally faces those feelings and tells him exactly what she’s looking for. Cady, ever a force for good but suffering from a bit of “white savior” burden, leans into her role as a protector of the law. She accepts her father’s blessing and runs for sheriff.

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As for Walt: his final form comes as a retiree, hunting for mythical lost treasure. The final scene of him riding into a beautiful Wyoming sunset is only perfected by the ringing of a phone. A cell phone, placed into notoriously tech-phobic Walt’s pocket. Smiling, he picks it up. A last frame for a loyal sheriff.

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    I’m glad the show ended on a strong note. I am especially glad Longmire finally accepted that Nighthorse wasn’t responsible for killing his wife. I would have been really ticked if turned out that Longmire, who appeared to be going crazy on that point, would have turned out to be right about Nighthorse all along.

    I have mixed feelings about Cady running for sheriff. I think she’d be a good one, but she seemed to feel trapped by her environment and now her father seems to have talked her into accepting that trap. And of course she has to decide if she’s going to keep sleeping with a deputy.

    1. Definitely relieved about Nighthorse not having anything to do with Walt’s wife’s death. And Walt finding peace with that.

      I think Cady as sheriff is the natural progression for her. My hope is she was strong enough to not be guilted into doing a job she wasn’t passionate about.

      Always like to hear from fellow Longmire fans!

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