Teen Wolf is a MTV series about a teenage boy who was attacked and turns into a werewolf. Scott grows fangs and gains powers, but deals with some serious Hell as far as enemies go. While the show is no longer in production after six seasons, there are still nifty items you can purchase for yourself or the Teen Wolf fan you love.

Looking to join the Beacon Hills Lacrosse Team? We’ve got T-Shirts (McCall, Stilinski, Lahey) and Sweatshirts for you!



What girl doesn’t like jewelry? Here is is an amazing bracelet that should keep you from turning or maybe you belong to the Argent Family with this necklace!


Still wanting more clothing? I’ve got you covered.

There are shorts… 41UU7mmu-qL._AC_US218_.jpg

And PJs51K4Si1MgOL._AC_US218_.jpg

I also found pins that you can stick on your backpack and car decals! 51CtyRLfJRL._AC_US218_.jpg


And in case you need to binge watch all six season, we’ve found a complete set for your viewing pleasure!

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