Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

OMG! Last week’s episode of Jane The Virgin was SO SEXY! In every sense of the word! And it was directed by our queen, Gina Rodriguez! I don’t think I’m alone in saying that her directorial debut was a real success. Obviously it’s pretty clear that I’m pretty psyched about the current direction the show has taken, but my biases aside, I feel like Season 4 started slowly and has really picked up. The last few episodes have been amazing!

Let’s start with my faves, of course, Jafael. Their relationship continues to progress in an entertaining and sustaining manner. Jane is super horny for Raf but he wants to woo her and take it a little slowly. This leads them to their first “spat” as a couple…if you can really even call it that…and it’s really an issue that caused their break up the first time around: Rafael can be closed off, dark, and broody, and Jane can be judgy. This time around the subject of Raf’s moodiness and Jane’s judginess was Rafael’s birth parents. Jane thinks he needs to find them, and while Rafael wasn’t into at first, he slowly opened up to the idea, and an issue that would’ve festered and caused a rift for first season Jafael was resolved quickly and led to hot shower sex. Honestly, this couple is amazing and As usual Jennie Urman thank you for bringing them together but if you break them up now I will write 100 mean reviews about Jane The Virgin. (Just feeling inspired by Petra’s assertive memos here)

Moving on…(Jafael always causes me to rant like a madwoman)

Rogelio is struggling with being a stay at home daddy, so what does he do? Not eat his feelings, not binge watch a great TV show, no, he decides he has male Post-Partum Depression. And he tweets about it. Of course. This riles up River Fields (Brooke Shields), American Sweetheart and Post-Partum advocate. They get into a Twitter feud, which leads them to being guests on The Talk (with the real hosts!) their fight is gruesome and leads to the loss of River’s toe. While Rogelio thinks this may be the end of his career, it actually leads to the studio greenlighting the American version of The Passions of Santos!

During all of this drama, Alba is in the middle of a sexual awakening—led by her granddaughter. …A sentence I never thought I’d type. The most interesting part of all of this is that Alba is the one who encouraged Jane’s prolonged virginity to begin with, now Jane is ready to help Alba get her groove back. Alba reveals to Jane that she turned down Jorge’s proposal because she’s nervous about being intimate with a man again, so Jane takes her to a sex shop to teach her that sex is more about pleasure than the church has taught us to believe. While Alba felt uncomfortable at first, she opened up to it eventually (and by herself).

Also having a surprise sexual awakening? Petra. She bonded a lot with JR, and JR finally believes Petra is innocent, which led to some pretty great chemistry. It turns out Petra felt that too and had a sex dream about JR! Wow!

It’s getting steamy in here, guys!!