Hey there Gothamites! As you well know, things are reaching their breaking point pretty quickly in Gotham, especially between our current major players, Sophia and Oswald. Oswald took Martin’s information about Sophia kissing Jim straight to our favorite dimpled psychopath, and she finally gives up the game. She drops her innocent act and goes straight for the gut by telling Oswald that “Gulash and a good footrub” can go a long way. He leaves her to be tortured by a man called “The Dentist,” but as luck and good strategizing will have it, she manages to convince The Dentist to let her go – I mean, it was through the threat of murdering his wife and child, but still. Her plans go a little awry when our favorite trio, Tabitha, Babs, and Selina, decide to jump into the mix and kidnap her.


The holy trinity – Gotham – Fox

When they realize Sophia isn’t Cobblepot’s friend, but instead his enemy, it doesn’t hinder their plan: to give her up to The Penguin and strike a deal for their gun business. Unfortunately, he sends Zsasz with a rocket-launcher as his way of meeting their demands. The now-quartet of badass women quickly scatter, hellbent on getting him back, whatever it takes, and in the confusion, Sophia decides to make her way to the GCPD, where she tries to get Jim to rally the cops and take Oswald down. Gordon quickly catches on that her entire plan is to send the Gotham Central Police Department to war with the mob that is Penguin’s Army, and she’ll rise it from the ashes with the Falcone name. When she realizes he won’t be helpful, she decides to kidnap Martin, who, despite some short-comings with Penguin this episode, is still someone Oswald cares dearly about. Before Cobblepot realizes his surrogate son is gone, Gordon decides to visit him. The duo strike a deal: Jim will send Sophia out of the city, and confirms that should she return, he’ll throw her behind bars, on the condition that The Penguin stop with the licenses – any cop who catches a criminal with the license will still arrest said criminal. Oswald agrees, but when he finds Martin gone, he sends Zsasz to the train-station to get Sophia.


These are some solid stick figures to be honest – Gotham – Fox

Sophia manages to convince Zsasz to let her go, with the promise that she’ll deliver Martin to Penguin under a local city bridge. She, Babs, Tabby, and Selina are waiting – surely enough, with Martin – for Penguin to arrive, and when he does, he strikes another deal. Sophia will give Martin back, with the assurance that Oswald will step down as leader of the Underworld. Oswald submits, and as he sends Martin to the car, he tells Sophia that she’s right: his greatest weakness is his heart. With that said, he BLOWS UP THE DAMN CAR. A fire fight ensues, and everyone seems to get away safely. I verbally berated Oswald throughout this entire thing…until I realized that Martin was safe and sound. Oh my lordt. You guys do not understand how much I was fuming at Penguin. Oswald convinces Zsasz to bring Martin to a safe-house, one where he can grow up and live out his days happily, now that Gotham was no longer safe.


“You wanted a war…You’ve got one!” – Gotham – Fox

Meanwhile, when Jim isn’t dealing with Sophia’s antics, he’s focusing on Professor Pyg. The Professor, now holed up in Arkham Asylum, had killed an inmate over his choice of music on the rec-room record player. Honestly, it was a really dope kill – Pyg killed the dude with a record player that he’d broken in half. After learning about the kill, Lucius and Jim are looking into Pyg’s evaluations, and it appears that his face had been reconstructed with metal plates. He asks Lucius to use the data they have to show what he would’ve really looked like, while Jim himself pays Pyg a visit. He gets under Pyg’s skin pretty quickly by telling him that no one remembers what he’d did, that he isn’t a major player, and that the city has already forgotten him and moved on. As Jim is preparing to leave, the comments get the rise Captain Gordon was waiting for: Pyg shouts at him in a thick, southern accent, one that you can immediately tell wasn’t just the Professor acting.


The truth reveals itself in the form of an accent – Gotham – Fox

When Gordon returns to the GCPD, Lucius has successfully reconstructed Pyg’s face – Gordon has him send it to every police station in the country, starting with the south. Eventually, they get a hit – at the time, Pyg was known as Lazlo Valentine, a serial killer who’d suddenly and abruptly changed his M.O. He’d managed to escape custody, which immediately concerns the Captain. He tells Lucius to call the Asylum and have them put a guard up, but by the time Jim gets there, it’s too late. Lazlo haad killed a guard and left a lovely message for Gordon:


“It’s been fun, James” – Lazlo – Gotham – Fox

Unrelated to literally anything else currently happening in Gotham, Lee had organized the Narrows into it’s own functioning community. She even holds court sessions to help the businesses, even the illegal ones, solve their problems in a more humane way. But when one of her community approaches her with a broken nose, she ends up having to take things a little outside of her established “Law.” A man named Sampson has started threatening everyone, attempting to convince people to pay him for protection, and Lee ain’t havin’ it. She and Nygma decide to pay a visit, where she attempts to strike a deal with Sampson – he starts coughing profusely, and she convinces him he has “Narrow’s Lung.” She tells him to stop by the clinic, and she’ll get him patched up. When she and Nygma depart, Ed tries to tell her that Sampson won’t flip to her side that easily, but she brushes it off.

Court is in session

Court is in session – Gotham – Fox

Unfortunately, Ed’s right – when they arrive at Lee’s clinic, she finds that it had been raided. Edward tries to convince her to send Grundy in and have him rip Sampson apart, but our devious little doctor comes up with a better plan. It seems Sampson left behind a concoction that Lee had invented herself – a poison that she managed to slip into his drink before anyone could notice. As he starts choking to death, she produces the antidote. Her deal this time? Sampson and his minions have to leave the Narrows for good by the end of the day. If they don’t, Lee will do worse than just poison him. She throws he antidote into the air for him to catch, and walks off like the absloute badass that she is.


Lee “Queen of The Narrows” Thompkins – Gotham – Fox

Back at their little fight-night headquarters, she admits to Ed that she hadn’t been looking for a cure because what ails him isn’t physical. He’s got a psychological block, one that she confesses she doesn’t want him to get rid of. Lee tells him that, even if he thinks he’s stupid, he knew every move Sampson was going to make before he made it: Nygma is smart…he’s just not The Riddler anymore. She tells him she prefers this, because it’s taking her back to when they were friends, and he seems to accept that part of him. Unfortunately, things take a nasty turn when he starts seeing his Riddler-Alter-Ego in the mirrors again, and it’s damn obvious that he doesn’t want it.


He’s baaaaack. – Gotham – Fox


I can’t wait to see what happens on the next episode, and I’m sure you can’t either, so be sure to tune in every Thursday to Fox to catch up on the latest in Gotham!