Source: Tumblr

Judging from the event of the season finale of The Flash I think its safe to assume that season 3 will take cues from the classic Flash-point story run. Now for many comic readers, it seems like they are taking on a whole lot with how complex and well received Flash-point was. And its expected this won’t be a straight-up adaptation but more loosely based off. I think they are taking the basic story outline and rework it to fit within the world the show has built. I think they are going to swap out Batman/Thomas Wayne for Oliver Queen father, Super-girl will be part of this season, Atom will take over Cyborg’s role, Hawk-man might be taking over Aqua man role. I think we might get the introduction of Black Flash this season. I know they are going to save him down the road but I can see Black Flash taunting Barry for the mistake he made saving his mother. Hopefully, this third season gives us a fresh take on Flashpoint while being respectful of the original work.