Ever since I sat down to watch the premiere episode of Crazy Ex girlfriend, it has become my favourite show OF ALL TIME! When series creator & star Rachel Bloom held a facebook Q&A, I had to watch and take notes. Here are my top findings, paraphrased and sprinkled with my own commentary and fangirliness (a word I just made up).

  1. Aline Brosh McKenna discovered her on YouTube and the greatest partnership of all time was born
  2. Her & Donna Lynn are super close friends, she even went trick or treating with DL & her family!
  3. She used to work as a singing waitress on a manhattan cruise ship!
  4. You Stupid Bitch was the most autobiographical & personal song that she’s had to write. At the table read she was worried it woulndn’t be well received but of course it was.
  5. People kept asking her to visit their states and she basically said she would go anywhere for cake #queen
  6. They chose West Covina for the show because they felt California suburbs weren’t really represented in media. Furthermore, WC is a very diverse place and showing that diversity was very important to them
  7. When she has writers block, she gets in the bath. One of her YouTube videos “pictures of your dick” came to her while she was in the shower and she has a lot of success writing in the bath.
  8. She has many ideas and types of episodes she still wants to do *fingers crossed for season 2* including a themed episode, an episode done in one take and an all musical episode!
  9. The first time she ever got paid to write was for The Onion
  10. Before Crazy Ex got picked up, she had written a whole complete Broadway musical that she said she’s keeping in her back pocket.
  11. When asked if she saw herself as a role model, she replied that she would love to be that for young women. Rachel mentioned that her teens were a rough period and that any chance she gets, she wants volunteer and work to help kids and teens.
  12. When the show was still being developed for Showtime, “feeling kind of naughty” was originally titled “I wanna grow a dick and fuck you with my jealousy dick” – it had to be reworked when they moved to The CW
  13. With “Sexy French Depression” they wanted to poke fun at the way society fetishizes depression and women who are sad and show that there’s actually nothing sexy about depression.
  14. She feels like Darryl & Rebecca are very similar in that they’re both broken yet optimistic. While Rebecca is trying to find herself and realize why she’s unhappy; they wanted Darryl to be going through the same thing. A big part of self discovery is really grasping ones own sexuality. However, they didn’t want to take anything away from Darryl’s love story with his ex-wife. Furthermore, she mentionned that it was important for her to bring a voice to the bisexuals that don’t really have proper media representation. This is ultimately why they decided that Darryl was bisexual.
  15. She and Aline have known how they want the show to end since the moment they pitched it! she gave a coy smile but wouldn’t reveal anymore
  16. SHE’S WORKING ON A BOOK! Someone asked her when we expect her to write something and she said she was working on it – I’m choosing to believe that means she’s written something amazing and is trying to sell it to the highest bidder – I hope it happens soon because I can’t wait to read my next favourite book!

So much good stuff came out of the Q&A so you should definitely check it out! Don’t forget to follow us on tumblr, twitter, facebook and the rest for up to the minute news about Crazy Ex Girlfriend!