The Big Bang Theory – S11E09 – “The Bitcoin Entanglement”

A flashback into how Bitcoin was viewed as at the start of its fame! Team TBBT shows us both the comic and tragic senses in their experience with Bitcoin mining.

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It is a back and forth journey to 2010 and present, when Raj, Sheldon, Howard and Leonard realize that they may have those Bitcoins from 7 years back, they mined/bought. Everyone knows how much a single Bitcoin is worth today, but at that time, it was pretty affordable. They jump out with joy in the amazement that they are now going to be rich.

They try to find out where that laptop is right now, in which those Bitcoins are stored and . . . isn’t it obvious that they weren’t going to get them?

A recurrence of Zack here.

It turns out, our brilliant Sheldon had other plans and did something brilliant (studpid??) once again and guess who find out all the Bitcoins worth thousands of $$$s.

Find out on this latest episode of TBBT.

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(Friendly advice – Please don’t throw things, when you find that out.)



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