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In a black household there is always discussions mayhap disagreements when it comes to discipline. White people do time out and black people put the smack down. Yes I got my behind whooped when I cut up, especially if it was in public. You were going to act like you had some sense while you were out and about parent or no parent. Annnnnnnnnnnd that brings us to the pancake fundraiser buffet for the twins school and one child takes food off Bow’s plate. So when she tells the girls mom she kinda brushes it off. On top of which the twins’ teacher caught then with George and Jared spray painting male genitals in the bathroom. It’s funny to me because they didn’t get punished until they got home same as my parents would have done. And I plotted escape on the off chance I could get away. Never worked though. Now Jack and Diane are grounded.

At work, Dre discusses what happened and how his mom would have handled it versus how he handles his kids. Meanwhle, Jr is making on his teacher, and Ruby calls it right out. But Jr is not convinced that his hottie teacher is into him.

The twins have a science fair and Dre and Bow are blown away at George and Jar’s app they created. So it makes them look at George and Jar in a brand new light. And now here comes the comparison. Which basically means that they want Jack and Diane to be creative like them and hopefully they can turn on the ideas by giving them more freedom. Normally, in black households you do as your told, no questions asked. No room for arguments or opinions. The twins are thoroughly confused.

Ruby, however, is trying to school Jr about his teacher and what she wants. He’s kinda clueless and doesn’t understand what Ruby is referring too. So he has a talk with his teacher and she shuts him down real quick like. She tells him thst she only sees him as a student and nothing more. She asks him to clean the board for her while giving him the the side eye. Grandma Ruby was right it would seem. And Jr realizes he’s a piece of ass.

Dre has given the twins a makeover to be more hip and produce a better version of a baking soda volcano. All part of giving them more freedom to create. But, it doesn’t go to we’ll with their teacher or their project. Now Bow and Dre are embarrassed. The twins quickly tell them it was their fault for pushing the things they want onto them. Now, Dre and Bow have to find the balance for structuring their kids. She has none and Dre has a whole lot. So they come to the decision that as long as their kids are not heathens they will be ok with are couple of pushes in the direction should they stray onto the wrong path!