The Vikings come back on Wednesday November 29 and the excitement is real.  Before this premier for those that have forgotten what happened last season, here is the official guide on what we NEED answered this season.

Will Lagertha survive against the sons of Ragnar?

After killing Aslung and taking Kattegat for herself the brothers were angry.  Ivar in particular, who was a complete mamma’s boy, vowed to get his revenge.  In any case, she is one of the most amazing characters on the show with the amount of power and strength, both physical and mental, and it will be a sad day when she goes to Valhalla.

What will happen to Floki?

After the death of Helge, possibly the only thing keeping Floki sane, he seems to lose himself.  After he goes into the darkness, we hope that he finds a way to come out into the light again because he is such an interesting character who seems to know more than anyone else.

Ivar killed his brother, what will come of this?

Ivar killed Sigurd as revenge and to show his strength.  That was still his brother, however, and he has a few more that will not be pleased.  Will this leave a divide bigger than before for the brothers?  Will they all go their separate ways after this?