This last year has been a pretty big year for Modern Family. Since it’s debut in 2009, Modern Family has won the hearts of millions of viewers. With their quirky personalities and evolving storyline its no surprise that the Pritchett- Dunphy- Tucker gang are one of the most adored families on T. V.

with so much going with this popular family it’s difficult to pick just one of the many career highlights surrounding the popular show, so here are a couple amazing highlights that have happened so far this year.

Ty Burrell and Modern Family Receive Emmy Nominations

Modern Family and Ty Burrell have both received 2017 Emmy Nominations. The nominations are for  Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy and Outstanding Sound Mixing.  Not too shabby, let’s hope they are able to take home that gold. Not to say that Modern Family hasn’t won its fair share of Emmys. In fact, Modern Family has won over 20 Emmys in 8 seasons. Not too shabby at all.

Modern Family Reaches 200th Episode

That’s right Modern Family fans, they have reached their 200th episode. so I guess those Emmy nominations are just the icing on the cake for this lucky family.  The much-celebrated milestone happened November 12 and cast members Sarah Hyland and Eric Stonestreet were there to toast the amazing moment with a sweet gesture.

Ok, so not a few but a couple highlights.. still these are remarkable milestones for a sitcom to accomplish.  Let’s hope that Modern Family will be around for a few more seasons and maybe win a few more Emmys.

So here is a pretty cool event to attend if you’re a Modern Family fan and are in the area. Jesse Tyler Ferguson who you may also know “Mitchell” is going to be at Ball State University on Dec 1 doing a public appearance and the event is free and open to the public. The event will take place at Prius Hall, which is located northeast of Emens Auditorium.  Free parking is available at the Emens Parking Garage after 7 p.m.   He will have an informal audience talkback from 7:30-9:00 and then on Dec 2 he will be working with the universities department of dance and theatre.