Slight spoilers may be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on!

“Sisterhood” was all about the witches by being an Ivy centric episode and focusing on the awoken characters like Gothel, Rumple, Regina, Anastasia and even Dr. Facilier too. In it, Ivy’s still searching around Hyperion Heights for Anastasia — who was taken by Gothel episodes earlier — and is helped not just by Regina but also Facilier. On top of this, the flashback part of the episode was about how Ivy finally joined the Witch Coven and even befriending Gretel.

Elsewhere Henry, Nick and Hook got tricked into having a guys night at Flynn’s Barcade. Yes, one of the arcade bars from Disney’s own Tron Legacy — sadly no Jeff Bridge’s Flynn cameo though. Here, Henry randomly per-chance bumps into Jacinda and they begin to reconnect after the events of their game night weeks ago. All the while somewhere in Seattle, the Candy Killer is still out killing witches.

Once Upon A Time — Sisterhood

Photo Source: ABC

Sisterhood actually tied up a lot of loose threads that were presented when Once returned from it’s winter break. Ivy’s story by the looks of it is completely done and she was redeemed in the eyes of both her sister, Anastasia and even Regina. Henry and Jacinda’s romance is actually working on screen now, something clicks with it and it doesn’t feel as forced like at the start of the season. Regina and Rumple are back to looking at the bigger picture that Gothel has been painting all year — They really are the only ones who are trying to break the curse or figure out what the end game is. Facilier finally had a meeting with Rumple over his dagger. And even the mysterious Candy Killer’s identity was revealed to the audience by the end of the episode.

Got a strange feeling that the Candy Killer is also known not just for who he is in Hyperion Heights to the others but is actually the real Hansel alluded to by Gretel in the fairytale flashback; it’ll explain the whole heart shape boxes he sends out and the moniker he has. But on the flip side it kinda sucks that the Candy Killer IS that character, since he barely did anything at all this whole season and has been mostly in the background.

While a lot of the older mysteries from the start of the season have been answered, there are still more questions that need solid answers too as well. Honestly, I think the show runners should cut back on introducing any other new characters or even any other new small story lines here on out and instead just focus on the big three things happening: the witch coven murders, breaking the curse for everyone and Faciliers/Rumples showdown that you just know will happen in the series final weeks from now.