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Midnight, Texas is a TV series based on a book trilogy written by Charlene Harris (the same writer that wrote the books the TV series True Blood was based on) by the same title. Midnight, Texas premier episode debuted July 24, 2017. Season 2 has been announced to premier on October 26, 2018!

Midnight is a town in Texas where they live on the veil between the living and Hell. It is also a safe haven for “supernaturals”. The people that live in Midnight have become a family and fight to protect themselves from other “supernaturals”, biker gangs, the law or even their own pasts. The cast is:

Manfred (Manny) Bernardo is played by Francois Arnaud is a gypsy that is a psychic that communes with the dead. His dead grandmother Xylda sent him there to be safe from the person he was running from.

Bobo Winthrop is played by Dylan Bruce is a man on the run from his family and his fiancee took off and is now missing.

Fiji Cavanaugh is played by Parisa Fitz-Henley is a Wiccan who is shy and timid but powerful witch.

Fiji and Bobo

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Olivia Charity is played by Arielle Krebbelis a hit woman with a heart but more than enough issues for a magazine subscription.

Joe Strong is played by Jason Lewis is an angel who fell from Heaven who happens to not only be gay but in love with a demon and hiding.

Lemual (Lem) Bridger is played by Peter Mensah is a vampire who feeds on both energy and blood but doesn’t have to feed on blood any more thanks to Xylda Bernardo.

Creek Lovell is played by Sarah Ramos is a waitress in Midnight.

Rev. Emilio Sheehan is played by Yul Vazquez is a weretiger that is also a man of the cloth that sees to the town’s spiritual needs.


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Chuy Strong is played by Bernard Saracino is the demon Joe fell in love with.

Xylda Bernardo is played by Joanne Camp is Manny’s dead grandma who’s spirit is tied to her house on wheels.

Spoiler Alert! If you have not watched the show and don’t want it spoiled for you Stop Here and go back.

Manny heads to Midnight because his grandma says he will be safe there. He’s on the run from a man named Hightower who he and his grandmother Xylda had scammed out of money. Bobo is the first person Manny meets in Midnight as he lets Manny into the house he would be renting. Shortly after Manny meets Creek and some of the other residents of Midnight. Lem the vampire and Olivia the hit woman. They are an item. While at a town party Bobo’s missing fiancee is found and she begins to haunt Manny to get his help. Bobo is arrested for killing her and the town bands together to free him, even Manny. When it is proven Bobo didn’t kill her and he is let out a biker gang snatches Fiji in retaliation and to get what they feel Bobo owes them. They don’t live long. Creek and Manny begin a relationship but must keep it from her father as he actively hates Manny. Turns out he is just afraid Manny will hear the spirits of the girls his son Connor, has killed. Connor ends up dying for his crimes.

Joe and Chuy

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As a resident of Midnight, the supernaturals fight other supernaturals to keep their town safe. It is their home, their sanctuary and they will stop at nothing to keep it that way. They fight a succubus, a nest of vampires, a biker gang even an extremely angry fallen angel set on killing Joe and Chuy, even a crazed gypsy that possesses black magick goes down. Come to find out the veil between the living and Hell is tearing and they must prepare for war. Manny must lead the fight that has the demon Colconnar that wants Fiji because she is a virgin witch and very powerful. Bobo and Fiji who have been in love throughout the show finally share an intimate moment ridding Fiji of her virgin pesky status while Manny, who has taken six demons into himself, and the others fight to save her and their town. Manny defeats Colconnar and Olivia is dying in the hospital. After the battle, Lem who loves Olivia even though she left him, rushes to the hospital in daylight to save her with his blood. A week later Olivia and Lem marry. The season closes with someone who buys the hotel and wants to turn Midnight into a tourist destination.


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If you read all the way through this and want to watch the entire first season it can be found on Hulu. Remember also that season 2 premieres October 26th, 2018 on NBC. Watch it and see the story continue. I will be covering Midnight, Texas season 2 every week this fall.

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Olivia and Lem

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