Last week’s “Off the Record” was one of my favorite episodes from the season so far. Let’s see if “Chloe Does Lucifer” holds up to it. As always spoilers.

Chloe does Lucifer opens with Lucifer and Decker playing Monopoly with Trixe, we were led to believe they were having intercourse at first.

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Lucy heads home and Amenadiel is back. But don’t forget Lucifer basically kicked him out a few episodes ago. Lucy wants nothing to do with Amenadiel especially after he calls him boring.

At the crime scene. A boring woman according to Lucifer has been murdered. Kim Jones, a computer engineer dead on the couch by blunt force trauma. They are interrupted by Esther the victim’s roommate taking selfies. No surprise here but Esther wasn’t much help but she did hear Kim having an argument over the phone the day before. The time was 10:39 pm and Esther only remembered cause she knew the pic she was posting on Instagram at the time

Decker traced the call and it led them to Top Meet, a super exclusive dating app. The CEO, Mack Slater was the one Kim was fighting with on the phone.

Apparently Kim hacked her way on Top Meet and was angry when she was removed from the app.  Other than that info Mack Slater isn’t helpful.

Meanwhile Charlotte meets with Ella regarding her darkness. Charlotte wants Ella to help her be good. Ella is not at all about it. Dan interrupts and Ella makes her escape.

Meanwhile meanwhile Amenadiel meets up with Linda after hearing about her ex-husbands death from Lucifer.

Ella was able to find Kim’s profile and her one match, Forever29. Possible killer, yes but smart person guess not. Forever29 RSVPed for a party at the Top Meeting HQ. Decker is going to undercover to find him.

Chloe does Lucifer to effectively go undercover. Que Lucy training Decker.

Still wanting to be taught by Ella to be good, Charlotte joins the Forensic Shadow program much to Ella’s dismay.

With a final pep talk from Lucifer, Decker is ready. Plus with Lucy in her ear what could go wrong.

Lucy couldn’t help so Decker ditches the ear piece. With Lucifer out of the way Decker was able to find Forever29, Benji. Lucifer caught up with the two and spooked Benji. A chase ensues. Luckily Dan was there to grab him.

Benji claims to be innocent and that when he dropped Kim off Esther was home. He had met Esther on the app and he original met Kim from his dates with her. Decker thinks jealousy may have gotten Kim killed.

Through some Instagram creeping Decker managed to find the potential murder weapon, a tiny pick dumbbell.

Ella continues to avoid Charlotte. Bye bye Charlotte, there is no program and Ella found out.

Amenadiel helps Linda plan the funeral arrangements for Reese. She feels terrible that she doesn’t feel terrible about Reese. Linda’s own brush with death and the mother of creation has effected her more than she was letting on.

Decker and Lucifer question Esther about the dumbbell. The dumbbells Kim’s but Esther comes clean about faking all her Instagram photos. During all of that Esther drops that Kim was coming into some money. Esther’s reveal worries Lucifer more that maybe he is becoming boring and he ditches Decker to get away from the boring.

Charlotte still trying to be good had over heard Decker and Ella about the case and did her own digging. It turns out Kim created Top Meet and had originally hired Mack Slater. So what happened, how’d he end up the CEO?

Mack was a cover to help sell the app. He was a prettier face. Guess he decided to not pay Kim. I’m guessing Kim came looking for her money and that’s why he killed her.

Time to go back undercover, Decker is Mack’s type. Too bad Lucifer beat her to it, he’s looking to have a gentleman’s weekend. Scratch that Decker beat Lucifer to it.

Lucifer isn’t very happy to find out that Mack’s a phony too. Together they find the dumbbell in the fireplace.

Mack was on to them and holds them at gun point. Mack’s own vanity leads to his arrest.

Lucy’s not so boring day concludes with a talk with Linda and sex with most likely a stranger.

Turns out Ella helped Charlotte after all, Charlotte accepted a job at the DA’s office to put criminals away.

Lucifer the shoe.

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My thoughts:

Another solid episode but where is the Sinnerman.

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