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New Girl: “Christmas Eve Eve”


Episode Synopsis:

Jess struggles to keep the loft’s Secret Santa gift exchange afloat. When Winston believes his online gift order for Cece won’t be delivered in time, he and Schmidt must endure going to an actual store to find a replacement gift. Meanwhile, Reagan surprises Nick, who helps makes Jess’ Christmas one to remember.

A gift for Nick

During this Secret Santa episode, we find out that Jess got Nick. She buys him sunglasses, but sees later that he already bought them for himself. So then Jess goes into crisis mode. Her and Robby think about what to get Nick, and Jess has the perfect idea. Call Reagan, and get her on a flight to surprise Nick. We all know that Jess still has feelings for Nick, so it was really thoughtful of her to think about what would make Nick happy, even if it is his new girlfriend. But when Jess calls Nick to see how he’s doing at the bar, he explains that he probably won’t be able to make it for Secret Santa. Thank god her and Cece go down to the bar and help Nick out. From there, we get to witness another Nick and Jess moment, that makes us happy that the writers are still thinking about the Nick and Jess relationship. Nick tells Jess that he’s going to surprise Reagan in Seattle. But when Jess tries to change Nick’s mind, he gets all defensive and asks why she doesn’t want him to go. He thinks that Jess has a problem with Reagan and has noticed that Jess has been acting weird, since he’s come back from New Orleans. This is when I squeed with joy, because thank you Nick for not being super oblivious for once! You know something is going on with Jess, and you better do some investigating to find out the truth.


Source: newgirlthings

Source: newgirlthings

A gift for Cece

While Jess is dealing with Nick, Winston and Schmidt are dealing with Cece’s gift. Winston had gotten Cece, and he had already ordered his present for her. Unfortunately, when the present arrived to the loft, Schmidt refused to accept the package, because Winston had ordered it under an alias. Finding this out, Winston tells Schmidt that his gift was for Cece, so in order to prevent Cece from being giftless, Schmidt and Winston try to get Cece’s package back, and fail. And then go to a store to try to buy something similar, aka, a beanbag chair. During all of this, Winston and Schmidt get into an argument about both their relationships with Cece. Schmidt thinks he knows Cece best because he is her husband. But eventually, Schmidt realizes that his wife and Winston have a close relationship too, in a completely different way. Things turn out ok in the end, because Winston gives Cece her present, but it’s kind of a makeshift, until the real one comes in the mail.

Secret Santa 

When it’s finally time to swap presents, things are going just dandy, until it’s revealed that both Cece and Schmidt got Winston a gift. Poor Jess accidentally got left out, and it showed on her face, that she was bummed out that things didn’t go right. Feeling bad, the gang secretly come up with an idea to make Jess feel better. While in her room, Jess sees that Nick tries to sneak in to give her some hot chocolate, but gets caught in the act. After accepting the drink, Nick tries to apologize to Jess about the Reagan conversation, and she accepts his apology. To make things super magical, Jess then notices that it’s fake snowing outside, and comes outside with Nick, to find that Darlene Love and a choir are there to sing to her. What a sweet gift to make Jess feel better. And by the way, this moment really reminded me the end scene in “Winston’s Birthday.” The moment when after everything has gone wrong between Nick, Jess and her dad; Nick makes it up to her, by texting her in the middle of the night and surprising her with a candlelight meal on the roof. And even though Nick is with Reagan, he still finds ways to be sweet to Jess. Swoon.

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