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‘Can you believe, they said I am just like Edison? And in front of a lady, no less!’ 

(Another one coming from Sheldon.)

The episode begins with a discussion on a documentary that involves one of the greatest scientific feuds of all time – Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Alva Edison! Who could have guessed that the episode also goes just like that – Tesla (Leonard and Howard) vs Edison (Sheldon)? Well , everyone, I guess.

Apparently, just like most of TBBT episodes, this one also runs two stories simultaneously. In one, we have Bernadette vs our new character Ruchi, Raj’s new ‘girlfriend’ and in the second, we have got, obviously, Tesla vs Edison.

(We would see the less interesting one first.)

Bernadette thinks that Ruchi, her co-worker and Raj’s girlfriend, is trying to take advantage of Bernadette’s pregnancy leave at work by keeping an eye on her job. So, she asks Raj to ‘spy’ on Ruchi and guess what? She finally finds out that Ruchi was actually after Bernadette’s job! Kunal Nayyar was impeccable portraying Raj being stuck between these two ladies. Later, as you will find out, Raj is having an ice cream with Bernadette, nearly in tears, because Ruchi leaves him!

Now comes the better part of the episode.

As usual, the lack of social skills creates another massive trouble for Leonard, Howard and Sheldon himself, on the project they were doing with the US military. Sheldon goes behind Leonard and Howard’s back and takes a project from the Colonel on how to improve their military communication system. This project is, however, connected to the guiding system project that they were working on together and were later fired! Leonard and Howard feel betrayed by this act and they confront Sheldon by referring to the old Tesla vs Edison reference, when Tesla invented things and Edison stole them from him to get rich and famous. (As they portray in the beginning of the episode.)

As a consequence of this, Leonard and Howard shake hands with Sheldon’s Arch-enemy Barry Kripke to do the Math for their project, so that they can kick Sheldon’s project and get theirs approved!

However, there is a real big problem that arises because of their action, which was clearly expected, but still unannounced!

It would be very much better to watch it yourself, so that you don’t miss that fun. See you at the next episode review.