In this episode of Riverdale. we finally got to see the show shift gears back to High School life. As fans, I’m pretty sure we’ve all come to the conclusion that Riverdale will never be normal nor will their teenage life be. It’s still pretty early in the season, but now the group of friends is really starting to feel the pressure. I enjoy watching the cast get into messy situations, but I’m a little worn out from the random relatives making their presence known in Riverdale and the crazy fights from the youth center. I’m glad we’re back to the old high school mysteries and shenanigans.

Yale Bound

varsity blues 1

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I knew that Jughead would get accepted into a great college, but not because he knows he has no choice. It’s because he’s a great writer and thinks beyond the ordinary. The Stonewall prep stuck ups might pick at him about his financial background, but it’s because they’re insecure about themselves. I really love Jughead because he knows who he is. He doesn’t need affirmation or validation from others to feel good. It was awkward to watch him break the news to Betty because she was rejected from Yale. Betty said that she’s happy for him, but I could tell that it killed her a little inside. The two are already going to different high schools who know if their relationship will survive in different colleges especially outside of Riverdale. I know that Betty would never tell him to sacrifice a huge opportunity to further his education for a relationship with her, but I can tell it will eventually be a problem between them.


Break Out Star Of The Year

Chapter Sixty-Seven: Varsity Blues

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Monroe’s future is looking very bright thanks to all of the hard work he and Archie put into being better men. He received news that college recruiters will be keeping an eye on him for college scholarships which is a huge win for him. Monroe going to college is a huge deal, especially for his younger brother since he looks up to him. His life has never been so great, but he didn’t use that as an excuse to not do better and that means a lot. It angered me when the stonewall prep boys decided to take his knee out so that he wouldn’t be able to compete in the big game. I was more angry at the fact that this affects his education more so than the victory. From Betty’s discovery, it was revealed that Stonewall does indeed only play to hurt, but they should be prepared to take a punch also.

Even though Archie isn’t focused on college at the moment he has been successful in his efforts to create a great environment for the kids. I feel like Archie doesn’t want to leave for college because he will feel guilty about leaving Riverdale. No matter if he’s their or not, Riverdale will always be the same. A mess. He should be satisfied with what he has done thus far, but he isn’t. I believe it’s because he wants to be like his father very badly, but all his dad really wanted for him was for him to be a better man than he was. That doesn’t mean he has to reform a bad town, it means building his own foundation, with his own tools, and make his own legacy. If Archie does go to college he can always expand his brand to different areas of the world. Riverdale isn’t the only place that needs saving. It’s something to think about.

Battle For The Vixens


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There’s a new HBIC in town and no it’s not Mr.Honey. In the “In Treatment” episode Cheryl was told that she wasn’t in a good mental condition to lead her vixens which meant that he would have to bring on a coach. Ms.Appleyard is the new coach and she doesn’t believe in singing, dancing, and cheering all in one form. Just pure athleticism. For her cheering is a sport to Cheryl it meant everything. This made me really feel for Cheryl. She lost her brother, her father, basically her mother, and now her top cheer reputation. Cheryl strongly expressed her distance from her squad members when they traded on her during their strike. I have a feeling Cheryl won’t stop until she gets what she wants at any cost. Principal honey will suffer. Mark my words.

Rating 4/5

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Jughead, but I’m also anxious to know about the cause of his future death. The spoof in this episode also indicated that Betty was responsible for his dead body which makes sense. The first-ever sneak peek we got at the end of season 3 showed Betty telling her friends to burn their clothes and Jughead’s beanie. I have many theories about this, but now I think that Jughead’s desire to live the Stonewall way, go to yale, and be apart of a secret society will be too much for her. It might drive her to want to hurt Jughead for leaving her. Maybe Betty didn’t kill dark Betty. She may have killed the good one and is doing a terrific job at covering it up. All I know is that we really don’t know Betty at all.

As you’ve guys read in my last rant, I’m over Veronica’s war with her father. It’s the worst flight I’ve ever watched on television. However I’m glad that she aligned her run with Cheryl’s maple syrup because Cheryl has lost so much, she deserves to be apart of something when everyone continues to shut her out. Hopefully, this will keep her family business alive for more generations to come. It’s no secret that Veronica has the maturity of a 30 year old woman, but when will she get herself together. She has years to torment her father’s business, now she should be focusing on her future and if it will still be with Archie. I’m not mad at her for making an effort to be the next millionaire, but she’s on a whole other level than the rest of them which kinda throws everything off. Everyone else is worried about college and careers, shes worried about rum which she is technical to young to drink and sell. This is the only issue that made me rate this episode short from a five. Hopefully, in the future, they won’t wear out the same plot with these stale rivalries and stupid new ones.