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Thankful for Grey’s

With Thanksgiving upon us, let’s take a moment to reflect on all of the things of which we are thankful on Grey’s.

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The Alex-DeLuca court case drama is over. HALLELUJAH. This looming plot made season 13 more unsatisfying than necessary.

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Owen’s sister and Riggs’s fiancée, Megan, was found years after being assumed dead. Though that’s a thing on its own go be thankful for, some of us are also thankful for Riggs and Meredith breaking up.

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Amelia’s giant tumor recovery was amazingly quick. I must say I’m proud of Grey’s for not using this opportunity to drag out a storyline, but if it makes a comeback, none of us will be surprised. We also, then, need to be thankful for DeLuca’s sister, Carina, and her MRI-masturbation study.

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Alex and Jo are back together! I’m kind of split on whether I hope it lasts or not, but for now, I’m enjoying it.

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Maggie and Jackson’s possible blooming relationship. Both have been pretty awkward about the idea of it, and it’s kind of cute. They’re both awesome, and Maggie is less annoying than April, so I’m here for it.

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Is it morbid to admit we’re thankful for Harper Avery’s death? Sure, it made Jackson a millionaire, but more importantly, he died before anyone knew he fired Bailey. I gotta say, I did not even see that coming at all.

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Image Source: Grey’s Anatomy on ABC

What are you thankful for in your television plots this season? 


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