After last weeks crazy episode of The Walking Dead, we open with Ezekiel and Carol’s group recovering from the grenade that was launched at them towards the tail end of the previous episode. When they start to get their bearings a large number of walkers come out of the building for them. Jerry tells everyone to save the king, while Ezekiel tells everyone to save themselves. Even while still shell shocked, the walkers are disposed of easily.

A new group of Saviors is shown, Aaron, Toby, Eric and some others drive in and start shooting at this station. They have them pinned down, but like before are not trying to kill them all, just to keep them pinned until walkers can come in and finish them off. Later in the gunfight the Saviors take a lot of hits, but so does the other side. Francine is killed, Toby ends up shot. Eric pushed forward since Toby missed his Que, from being shot. Eric was surrounded and Aaron had to do everything he could do to save his man.

 - The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 2 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Aaron is having a smashing time in this All Out War. This time he is trying to save Eric. Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Aaron bowls over a number of the Saviors to get to Eric. When he gets to him he sees that Eric was shot being heroic. Eric doesn’t seem to be upset about it as he knows that he is apart of something important. Aaron tries to get Eric away from the fight to safety.

At another station, and we quickly learn that the Rick plan is a multi location assault planned, another team led by Morgan, Tara and Jesus are going to attack the space station. The space station has built a moat of walkers, for lack of better term around the perimeter of the complex following the last assault Rick’s team led. In an attempt to create a diversion, so the guards can be taken out, Morgan decides to go solo to the far end of the fence to get the walkers attention. He refuses help because, he doesn’t die. Sure enough he gives up all his weapons and gets the attention, so the archer can quickly, and accurately take out the two guards before they can get a shot off.

Inside, all of the team quietly takes out anyone in the halls, and everyone starts aligning outside of rooms so when the signal is given everyone can storm into the rooms and eliminate the Saviors all at once. When everyone is in position, Jesus gives the signal for everyone to go in, Morgan has two other members in his squad and they eliminate the first person quickly, but a large group is right behind to fling bullets at them very quickly. All three drop immediately, we come to see Jesus and Tara moving onward, and they find a guy hidden in a cooler, surrendering who pissed his pants. Tara wants to shoot him, but Jesus insists that he is surrendering and they don’t want to hurt the workers. After a bunch of talking and a diversion the guy gets control of Jesus and is going to kill him or Tara when Jesus strikes back. Tara wants to shoot him for fighting back, and destroying Maggie’s prenatal vitamins, but Jesus insists on capturing him again and to tie him up.

After a bunch of tense moments, we get back to see that Morgan has in fact survived, while the other two have been killed. Morgan wakes up and goes in straight beast mode, killing everyone in his way with one shot. By this time the majority of Jesus and Tara’s groups are outside waiting for the rest to flee, Jesus again insists on not killing anyone when Tara says they need to end this.  Jesus thinks Maggie will listen to him, but Tara says that Rick will listen to her. The Saviors come out and give up when they know they are surrounded, Morgan is killing Saviors from the inside working out, when he gets outside he sees the Saviors captured, and doesn’t understand it, he sees the Savior that gave him trouble in The Kingdom and wants to kill him.

We rejoin Carol and Ezekiel’s journey as they are tracking the grenade thrower, everyone knows if he makes it to the other Saviors the entire plan is compromised. At first they don’t even know if they are on the right track, Ezekiel keeps positive for everyone, telling them they will for sure win this fight and not lose any ranks, Carol thinks that Ezekiel is nuts, well he might be, but he tells her he is ‘faking it till he makes it’. A little longer on the trail they find human blood and knows they are on the right track. The gap keeps closing until the other group from the Kingdom catches up again and Shiva captures and kills the man.

So far, all of Dwight’s information has been spot on, which leads us to our last group of Rick and Daryl who are at the office building, the rumor is that the Saviors have high end 50 cal weapons that can shred people in a matter of moments which can turn the tide of the war in a matter of moments. They continue to sweep floor by floor not finding any guns. They finally make it to the top and final floor, a floor they both agree where they would keep the guns if it were them. To save time they decide to split up the search. Daryl comes across another prisoner hold, with dog food inside and handcuffs. It triggers Daryl, causing him to hesitate remembering what he was put through.

Meanwhile Rick gets jumped from behind when he was going to try to get into a closed room. Rick says that the guns are in that room and the man says no guns in there. The man fights and fights with all his might! Rick finally is able to get the upper hand again, and throws him on a spike killing him. Rick goes in the room, and doesn’t find any guns, he finds a baby, named Gracie, in the crib. Rick realizes that he just killed a dad trying to protect his daughter, something he could relate to fighting to protect his family, he looks at himself in the mirror and you can see he doesn’t know what to think.

Rick continues to look into other rooms, when he sees a picture that catches his attention, he looks at it like he recognizes it, when he has a gun to him. He ends up seeing a familiar face from the past. Morales, who was with Rick in Season 1 outside of Atlanta, is alive and a part of the Saviors. He said that he has already called the Saviors back and they are on their way, and a lot has changed in the years they haven’t seen each other. Rick is dead to rights as the episode ends.


Morales returns as apart of the Saviors. Making the Atlanta 4 now the Atlanta 5. Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC