The Crystal Gems are poofed. Out of all the ways I’d estimated, I never imagined we’d see Steven bring back each of the Crystal Gems with FUSION.

Steven implores White Diamond to hear them out because so many gems are hurting. Unfortunately, his pleads and the opinions of Blue and Yellow fall on deaf ears, as both Diamonds are turned white and ushered up into

We got a peek at Amethyst before they fused into Smokey Quartz.


Gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

And Amethyst premieres her new form.

And they we had Pearl. Who fused with Steven, and witnessed Rainbow 2.0.

Gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

The next fusion premiering in the show was Sunstone. A fusion between Steven and Garnet.

Gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

Peridot’s excitement is just as palpable as my own when I met Sunstone for the first time. They’re cool, boating Garnet’s shades and a similar getup to Stevonnie. Not to mention, Sunstone cares about combating bullying.

This all to say, the Crystal Gems have new forms. It’s a new era of Gems after all.


Gif source: giffing-su – tumblr – TGON – Steven Universe – Cartoon Network

And everyone is prepped and ready to face off against White Diamond, still closed off inside her ship. She’s managed to fuse together the remaining Diamond Ships, creating one massive superweapon.

Lapis and Peridot are brought in with Bismuth, who’s created a new sword for Connie. After several attempts to fight off White Diamond, fusion by fusion and gem by gem, The Crystal Gems decide the one method that could possibly stop White Diamond involves a fusion of all three of them. OBSIDIAN.

“Try and catch me, you enlarged bipedal housing unit!”

Oh my goodness she’s gorgeous. And massive, but still pales in comparison to the stacked ships. Logically, Obsidian begins to climb the ship/robot up to the top, where White Diamond is lying in wait. And bares a sword built from the lava stored inside herself, combining all the gems’ weapons together.

We don’t deserve this level of terrifying splendour. They manage to climb inside White Diamond’s ship through the eye.

White Diamond is unsettling as usual. And fires off rays of lights from her eyes to cast the Crystal Gems under her hypnotic control.

“Now they are brilliant, now they are perfect. Now they are ME!!”

White Diamond implies several times that Pink Diamond is less than, even as Connie arrives behind the rest.

It’s mortifying that White Diamond captures Connie, immobilizing her in Garnet and Amethyst’s arms. My skin truly crawled when White Diamond reaches for Steven’s gem saying, “It’s time to come out Pink…”

Yikes. Only one more part left to go. This finale is chock-full of so much lore and makes this Steven Universe fan fall in love with this show every time.