Photo Source: FOX

This week, Brooklyn Nine-Nine gave us a glimpse into what it feels like to be a cop going in to deal with an active shooter. Well, not actually, but close.

Rosa went into an active shooter situation at an apartment complex where multiple casualties and gunmen had already been reported. None of her fellow 99-ers could back her up, though, because the rest of the precincts went on “lockdown” to ensure officer safety. So, all of Rosa’s friends went crazy at the precinct either worrying to death or trying to find a way to sneak out and help her. Everyone dealt in their own “unhealthy” way:

Terry decided to adjust his life insurance policy, but couldn’t get his heart rate down enough to pass his physical.

Gina and Amy (mostly Amy) tried to fix the detective floor’s toilet. They failed on an epic level.

And Jake attempted to disobey Holt’s orders and go support Rosa. He pulled in Charles, Scully, and Hitchcock to distract Holt. (Side note: I have never laughed as hard at Scully and Hitchcock as I did during that fight scene) But in the end, Holt convinces Jake that the best way for him to help is to ease his friends’ minds right there at the 99. Holt admitted that he didn’t have the interpersonal skills to comfort anyone…

Finally the team learned that the active shooters were detained, and Rosa walked back into the precinct—visibly shaken.

As usual, Brooklyn Nine-Nine did a phenomenal job sliding a very current social-political issue into one of their storylines. And they have a great platform as a diverse ensemble of cops. Honestly it’s genius because I can’t imagine anyone (no matter your political affiliation or ideology) having a problem with the presentation of that episode. Then again, somebody’s always gotta a problem with something.