Are you superstitious? Well, the 118 is and they feel like they were just jinxed by a newbie who said the “q” word quiet. Just then the bell rings and the team begins to get calls. The team reminisces on the last person to use the q word, Buck. He swears it was an accident but the crew got their revenge after their thirty-six calls. Eddie doesn’t think anything strange is going on despite the many strange calls they have been receiving. Even he was the most paranoid when they had a call in a smart home.

Jinxed or not, the team’s first call is about a man who has duct-taped himself to a billboard. However, there isn’t much the team can do because the man paid for it. The man says he is advertising and he is naked under the tape. Not a good combination. Let’s just say, he was lucky that the 118 stuck around. En route to the billboard dude, Eddie runs into Christopher’s old teacher. Christopher had a crush on her, and it was who Eddie liked. Now she is no longer his teacher.

There are a series of other weird calls that the 118 has to deal with over the course of the day. They are coming back to back. So much so they don’t even have time to eat. Saving pets and humans out of trees, getting people unstuck, and last but definitely not least, rogue octopus. A guy stuck under movie theater seats. To top off a day of hectic calls a power line falls on top of the 118’s fire truck. Help soon arrives but not before the other firehouses take pictures and laugh at the situation.

There is something else weird going on. Since the calls have been crazy other stations are helping with big emergencies. They get a call for a house fire and the homeowner is so obviously hiding something. Because it’s a two-alarm fire, the 118 are working with other firemen. Eddie is the first to notice something off when Ana got burned by coffee. The next incident was an employee breaking the windows out at his job because of a gas leak. After they talk to the employee, the 118 talk to Athena and end up seeing a guy at the restaurant.

They spot him and Brian decides to take the 118’s engine for a little joyride causing damage to half the city along the way. He was evading the police, impersonating a firefighter, and more. Soon Eddie who built some rapport with the guy talks him down. Eddie then convinces the guy to drive to an emergency call, so they can save lives and put out a fire. Brian agrees because he just wants to feel useful. When he arrives he tries to make a run for it, but Athena ain’t going for that.

The episode ends after the 118’s 24-hour shift and Bobby treating everyone but Eddie to breakfast. See Eddie has decided to take a chance on love and he has a breakfast date The rest of our crew head to breakfast where they discuss Brian and his many contributions to their hectic day but it is not over yet.