After the cast gave an amazing performance of the classical film the Heathers, Edgar Evernever became impressed by the work of Evelyn. It seemed that he was also impressed my Alice Smith who now has her brainwashed into leaving her daughter behind for a “better life on the farm”. The farm is still the least of Riverdale’s trouble because Glady’s is the new drug lord who produces fizzle rocks to locals. Glady and Jughead go head to head, Veronica fight for her family’s marriage, and Betty infiltrates the farm by sending them a spy.

Serpent Deputies In Training

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  F.P and Jughead make one hell of a team, but they have to be prepared for whatever when it comes to busting the Gargoyles for selling fizzle rocks. I’m impressed that Glady’s is able to hide her dirty little secret right under F.P’s nose. She even managed to maintain her war with Jughead right under their roof. I believe that Jughead will find a way to force Glady’s out of Riverdale, but it’s going to take a lot. Remember the fact that she didn’t mind living in a house that a serial killer once laid his head. I hope Jughead knows his mother well enough to know what scares her more than anything. While his father is completely oblivious to the situation, Jughead decided to use the deputy training program to secretly bust Glady’s drug dealers on the streets of Riverdale. His hunt became dangerous though after discovering busting an abandoned apartment building full of fizzle rock dealers thanks to a tip from Mad Dogg. It was sad to see that two of the masked dealers had guns and the cook hurt jughead to escape.

Holy Matrimony

In the previous episode, we discovered the harsh truth about Hiram and Hermoine’s marriage. It’s really over…..or is it? It turns out that Hermoine’s vulnerability will eventually reach the ears of their enemies which might cause her to go missing or just some lunch on her desk like dead fish. I was for certain that it was someone who found out who Hermoine killed as a warning, but it was just Veronica trying to get her way. Her family has always been dysfunctional, yet she wants to beat this dead horse that is their marriage so that she won’t be the daughter of a broken mafia family.  I find it annoying that she chose this moment to bring up the fact that she has been raised to know that family is important when she herself has plotted against Hiram along with her mother several times, but family is important. Hiram cheated, Hermoine cheated, and Veronica has played a part of the divorce also. It’s over, but the public won’t know.

The Farmies Secrets


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Alice’s dedication to the farm and Evelyn’s persistence to recruit new members has driven her to find out what the farm is really about. She even went as far as getting a personal interview hoping to see Edgar Evernever, but the farm didn’t want her. From this episode, I learned that the farm specifically targets people with emotional disorders, trauma, and overall lack of confidence in who they are. That is how the brainwashing commence. Betty placed a microphone on Cheryl so that she can gather information while she’s at the farm, but the case went wrong when Cheryl grew fond of being a part of the farm and Edgar who is “a yummy snack and a great listener” in the words of Cheryl Blossom. I’m more worried about how Edgar is able to make Cheryl see Jason when we all know Jason is dead. Unless he is some kind of immortal, I don’t see how this is possible.

Rating: 3.5/5

I loved that this episode sets the tone for a greater plot to come along in the season. Also, I loved that Archie is helping the former prison fighters by giving them a home in his gym until they get on their feet. I also loved how Jughead busted the gargoyle gang members without the help of his father. It shows that he can be trusted to do things on his own, but he needs to be careful of weaponry. The only part of this episode that I didn’t like was the way they introduced Jelly bean and Ricky’s friendship and her being a princess in dungeons and gargoyles without focusing on how it came about. The last time we saw Ricky, he cut Archie and ran away. What really made him come back? I look forward to finding out the answer and how Cheryl is seeing Jason.

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