I spent much of this episode being annoyed with Tandy, which is interesting because she acts somewhat as a narrator for the episode. She shares the story of the “Farmer and the Viper” as both the journeys she and Ty embark upon during the episode parallels this fable, though we are not sure how Tandy’s story lines up until a great twist in the closing moments of the show. Because of the twists, I’m going to keep this review spoiler free for the most part.

Connors, who we saw freed from the Darkforce Dimension in the previous episode, offers Ty an opportunity to both clear his name and have Connors pay for his crimes. This comes with a huge ask, with Ty having to use his powers to ensure that Connors’s powerful uncle is not able to use his influence and deep pockets to prevent justice being done.

Meanwhile, Tandy is up to her old ways and manipulating those around her to get what she wants. Still reeling from her fallout with Ty after mistakenly freeing Connors instead of Mayhem, and from the images she saw of  her younger self being exposed to the domestic violence perpetrated by her father unto her mother, she starts the episode berating her mother for not leaving her father.

She continues her quest for answers about the missing girls, by going back to the community center and asking for help. There she is “directed” to speaking with the therapist and uses her skills of lying and deception to get the woman to believe she needscloak-and-dagger-season-2-episode-5-review-alignment-chart help getting out of an abusive relationship. Tandy sets up a meeting with Ty, with the therapist watching “for support”. Ty is frustrated with being manipulated and walks off angrily, giving Tandy exactly what she needed.

Tandy’s arc is such an interesting one this season, because we can see her struggle to want to use her powers to help, though she often victimizes the victims she is trying to help frustrated that they are unable to help themselves.  I like that the writers continue to play with the idea of the light and dark within all of us and that it is the theme running through the season.