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In 1986, a young filmmaker named Spike Lee brought his indie visionary dramedy “She’s Gotta Have It” to the big screen. Casting himself as the goofy dude with the oddball name (Mars Blackmon), Lee’s protagonist Nola Darling was bold, artistic and unapologetically confident in her sexuality.

It took the film world by storm.

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Fast forward 31 years later and Spike is back with “She’s Gotta Have It” the 10-part series on Netflix. In the role of Nola Darling, the chameleon-like and dynamic DeWanda Wise (best known for her passionate performances in”Underground” and “Shots Fired). Her suitors: Mars (Anthony Ramos of ‘Hamilton’), Greer (Cleo Anthony) and Jamie (Lyriq Bent) vie for her time, her attention and her affection.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Netflix

The backdrop of this: New York in all its grimy, beautiful glory. Playing a large part in the original film, I hope we see it lend its indelible mark on the Netflix series.

Bound to be hip, sexy and whip smart, “She’s Gotta Have It” 2017 promises to bring the daring of the original for a new generation. We can’t wait.

Photo Source: Courtesy of Netflix

“She’s Gotta Have It” premieres on Netflix on November 23rd.